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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Zaid Fadul

138 Entries Found: Page 3  of  6
The wingspan on this Octopus was almost 3 feet
Depending on how the light catches them, they shift from copper to red to silvery.
There is a huge abundance of blue bell tunicates in Honduras. The dive site name? Toon Town =)
What can I say? I am a sucker for Nemo...
One of my favorite Xmas tree shots
Schooling blue tangs descending down onto areef like a pack of piranhas on bloody meat =)
Schooling Blue Tangs let me tag along for a little bit.
Oyster Toadfish and his big juicy lips =)
Mark + a wild bottlenose dolphin. He took us down to 130 from where we met him an his school at 20 feet. Lots of fun, especially with no time in the chamber =)
Speckled Sandperch ready for his closeup =)
Flounder on close approach
The Red Sea is simply amazing.
These are the color tips of a Giant Anemone
Up close + personal =)
Perspective made this juvenile Hawksbill look a LOT bigger than the little guy he was...
This is a Sea Pearl. It is about an inch in diameter and is one of the largest single cell organisms on the planet
Why the long face, right?
This is the Daedulus Reef lighthouse in Egypt. I posted some other pics about it before...
This is the Florida Regal Sea Goddess nudibranch pic I tried to submit before. Not sure how the hammerhead sharks pic turned up...
This is a juvenile spotted drum. About the size of a 1/2 dollar coin. He just kept swimming in circles...
This is a giant tip anemone closeup. I was trying to capture the moment =)
We stumbled across this octopus on a night dive. He wasn't exactly shy.
Up close, these guys look just like Caribbean reef sharks. Now if it weren't for those pilot fish...
This is the best shot I could take of the Boiling Lake high in the mountains of Dominica. Short of chemophiles, I doubt there is much living in it.
I liked the patterns displayed by the corky sea finger growing on the wall of the wreck.
This reef octopus was very playful and decided to shaked my hand when we met...
This Sand Tiger was happy to pose for a few seconds...
138 Entries Found: Page 3  of  6