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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Larry Polster

496 Entries Found: Page 2  of  19
Sperm Whale of Dominica. "Moby Dick" with his on me.
Swimming with the Sperm Whales of Dominica. Free dive, no strobes allowed, special government permit. Fantastic adventure with these large mammals
Manta mania in The Maldives.. 10 to 12 of these wonderful creatures in the cleaning station
Blenny in a brain coral
On the move, this little guy played with us for 15 minutes before diving for cover.
Beautiful green turtle cruising on a night dive
Diver with spear elimination some of the many lionfish in the Caribbean
Electric Ray on night dive
Small blenny shot with D300, 60mm, with Subsee + 10
Spotted moray on the hunt
Juvy spotted drum in his continuous journey back and forth his territory.
Moray helping us clean out the lionfish in the Caribbean
Slipper Lobster is usually out at night, but this one made his appearance during the daytime.
"BC", I don't need no stinkin' BC to dive....
This 2 meter green moray was resting at the end of the Frederikstead pier
D300-60mm, home made snoot on DS160 strobe with 1.5" opening
Schooling spade fish in St. Croix
A new little freckle face seahorse under the Frederiksted Pier.
Orange frog with a french pedicure
The horses are riding all over the end of the Frederiksted Pier
Frederikstead pier, St. Croix, D300 60mm
Little red frog hanging on the 9th piling, South side of Frederiksted pier, St. Croix
Common Christmas Tree Worn shot with a home made "snoot" with 1" diameter opening for the strobe light on subject. D300-60mm, DS-160
Spadefish on display in Raja Ampat. D300- Tpkina 10-17mm
Fat Boy, about 3 inches, D300-60mm
One of many different colors of flat worms in Raja Ampat
Unusual crab on soft coral
496 Entries Found: Page 2  of  19