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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Larry Polster

496 Entries Found: Page 3  of  19
Wobbegong shark being cleaned.
Schooling spadefish in Raja Ampat
Crinoid shrimp deep inside.... have not seen these fellows before
Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse, a rare find near Gangga Island
Pajama Cardinalfish hiding in the hard corals.
Solar Powered Nudi near Gangga
Wonderpuss in Ambon Bay
Flying Gurnard with his mast up.
Rhino at Ambon Bay
Ghost on patrol of his territory !
Always a pleasure to find these little guys. D300, 60mm w/subsee +10
You take the high road and I'll take the low road....
Ol' Blue in Ambon Bay
One of my favorite critters in Ambon Bay
Soft coral on pearl farm jetty. Raja Ampat
Unidentified cowrie / opisthobranch shot Raja Ampat
Unidentified critter, would welcome some help if anyone can point me to a reference source
Gold Mantis Shrimp, never seen this critter before !
Ornate Ghost Pipefish, still one of my favorite critters to shoot !
Camouflage artist
Coral crab with attitude !
Not many yellow pigmies, but this one smiled for the camera. D300, 60mm, Subsee +10
Spiny Devilfish, Ambon Bay
D300, 60mm, Subsee +10
One of many small critters in Raja Ampat
Frogs everywhere, diving off Gangga Island
Soft coral under the pearl farm jetty, Raja Ampat
496 Entries Found: Page 3  of  19