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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Larry Polster

496 Entries Found: Page 7  of  19
Phidiana Lynceus, Nikon D300- 60mm
More beautiful reefs of The Solomon Sea. Nikon D300,Tokina 10-17
Butterfly fish of every species in these waters
Brilliant fans of Solomons
More schooling jacks at barracuda point. D300-Tokina 10-17mm
One of many different flat worms in the Solomon Sea.
Family affair
I've only found red sea anemone in the Solomon Islands, it made a great background for the fish. D300 - 60mm
Signal Goby with his mate ready to run. D300-60mm
Porcelain crab in all his "glory" D300-60mm
Unusual freckle face blenny. D300-60mm
Eight Banded Butterflyfish D300-60mm
Pajama Cardinalfish D300-60mm
So many species of anemone fish in the Solomon Islands
Banded Shrimp Goby in full color
Brilliant Colors.... D300-60mm
"Mr. Blenny" D300-60mm with Subsee adapter
Another pic of more than a dozen Mantas in Devil's Highway. D300, Tokina 10-17
Spanish Dancer in "flight". D300-60mm
Aboard the Bilikiki , the locals bought the grocery store to us when we stopped at the different dive sites. Fresh fruit and vegetables every day was great.
Final RoundThrough to 2009 awards final round judging
Night dive, Spanish Dancer D300-60mm
Goby with his little shrimp buddy to keep their home clean.
Spadefish pair
Phyllidiella lizae D300-60mm
Chelidonura_fulvipunctata D300-60mm
496 Entries Found: Page 7  of  19