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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Larry Polster

496 Entries Found: Page 8  of  19
Extremely tiny coral crab D300-60mm-Subsee adaptor
"Bring in the Clowns" ... This pair waiting for cleaner shrimp approaching from the left. D300-60mm
Flame Angel, I've never seen before, shy and difficult to photo, D300-60mm
Large fans on many of the Solomon Sea dive sites. a wide angle dream. D300- Tokina 10-17
Spincheek in unusual color anemone, have only seen in Solomon Islands. D300-60mm
The colorful Clown Trigger. D300-60mm
Hundreds of Jacks schooling at barracuda point. D300-Tokina 10-17
Unidentified flat worm swimming. D300-60mm
Manta feeding on Devil's Highway, 8 to 10 knot current, had to hide behind wall at 25' then launch upward when the manta passed overhead. Then kick very hard to prevent elevator ride from down current to 80'. Exciting is understatement
Love those nudis in Lembeh
Crab race in Lembeh, D300- 105
Typical Caribbean fish menagerie
Great dive in Cuban waters last year, Habana cigars and their local rum made for a relaxing evening.
French Angel, intermediate stage. D300-60mm
Juvy Jacknife , D300-60mm
"Oh No" dinner time... D300-60mm

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
you can't beat a bit of drama, as this lunchtime shot shows
Golden Shrimp. D300-60mm
Spotted Porcelain Crab. D300-60mm
Another rare find in St. Vincent by Kay of Indigo Dive. D300-60mm with SubSee adapter
Nudi ? looks like rhino but has eyes and unusual respiratory plum / hole. Found by Kay of Indigo diving this afternoon in the grasses. D300-60mm with Subsee adapter.
Pipefish D300-60mm
Oscillating Box Crab. D300-60mm, no crop
Fingerprint Cyphoma similar to Flamingo Tongue. D300-60mm
Coral Banded Cleaner Shrimp with eggs.
D300-60mm, Turtle Bay, St. Vincent
496 Entries Found: Page 8  of  19