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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patrick Neumann

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nudi from Anilao, Bethlehem
muck diving in Papua
Papua wall with diver taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Rhenopias personal taken with Canon 400D, 60mm, Hugyfot
taken with Canon/Hugyfot
Nudi from Nudi Capitol Anilao taken with Canon\Hugyfot

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
nice nudi Patrick
taken with Canon/Hugyfot
Anilao 2009 ;-)
craw of an sea-urchin ... amazing nature ... no crop
spotted boxfish taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
beautiful ....
Nudi from Anilao :-)
taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
first over/under trys ... Canon 400D, fisheye, Hugyfot
reefscene in Papua yaken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
it s 5 to 12 ... !!! ;-)
Flunder Eye, no crop ...
yawing Frogfish, Anilao taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Cuttlefish in Papua ....
Sponge with Diver taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
nudi taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot housing

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
perfect symmetry Patrick
Nudi personal taken with Canon 400 D/Hugyfot housing
puffer in front of the Domport taken with Canon 400 D/Hugyfot
Lionfish Portrait taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Nudi from Papua, Milne Bay Liveaboard with Spirit of New Giuni ... taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Nudi Art taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
pipefish portrait taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
this nudibranch is mimicing softcoralpolyps .... amazing !!!
Taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
312 Entries Found: Page 6  of  12