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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Patrick Neumann

312 Entries Found: Page 7  of  12
Ornate Ghostpipefish @ Richilieu Rock taken with Canon 400D & Hugyfot housing
Manta Shilouette taken with Canon 400D & Hugyfot
Harlekin taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot Housing
Whiteeye Murray taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Lionfishs at Eilat wreck .. taken with Canon 400D +Hugyfot housing
Mantadance@Koh Bon taken with Canon 400D+Hugyfot
something different from inside the wreck ... taken with Canon 400D+Hugyfot
Mantadance@Koh Bon taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot housing
3rd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
Final RoundThrough to 2009 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
the right moment
amazing ... taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot housing, no strobe
nudiiiii ... :-)
yellow Pygmy .. Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Nudi ... Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging
Coleman shrimp taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Nudi with eggs ... Canon 400D/hugyfot
nudi portrait ... Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Nudi ... Canon 400D/Hugyfot
nudi ... Canon 400D/Hugyfot
fabulina comes around... Canon 400D/Hugyfot
nice to meet you :-)
taken with Canon 400D/hugyfot
fabulina nudi climbing the reef..taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot
this nudi ´coming close :-)) .. Canon 400D/Hugyfot
Yellow nudibranch...taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot housing
yellow pygmy-seahorse. They are a lot smaller than the red-one- maybe half of the size..this one was in a seafan 32m not much bottom time..strong current on this side..puh, not just because of the pygmy an outstanding dive.Canon400D/Hugyfot
The empire strikes back. I was totally amazed by this little crab, it looks a bit like Chewbacker from Star an Orang Utan Crab found in Anilao. Taken with Canon 400D/Hugyfot + 100 mm lens
Nudi coming Close to my Canon 400D/hugyfot....
Purple .... Porcellan crab on a purple anemone at three sisters, Myamar/burma taken with Canon 400D/hugyfot with 60mm lens
312 Entries Found: Page 7  of  12