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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Mike Clark

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Nikon d70, with 60mm lens. St. Abbs Scotland.
Bright red scorpionfish
Big Lobster, St Abbs. Nikon D70 with 60mm lens.
Lions Mane Jellyfish drifting near the surface, Nikon F90X and 60mm lens. Liked reflection on surface.
Nudibranch, St. Abbs head Scotland.
Nikon D70 with 60mm lens.
Grey Seal, Eyemouth, Scotland. Nikon D70 200mm lens
Mike Clark,
Self portrait, exit after a magic dive at Um Sid, Dahab
Diver and Seargent Major, at Canyon, Dahab, Red Sea
Male Gray Seal, Nikon D70 with 28-100mm zoom at 100mm.
Image taken at Dunbar, Scotland.
Valentine tank, in Moray Firth Scotland.
Nik V and 15mm lens.
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A pair of Diving Guillimots, off St. Abbs Head Scotland. Nikon f90x with 60mm lens and 2 strobes. Very farst creatures in formation.
Ballan Wrasse Eye's a Sea Urchin.
Cathedral Rock St. Abbs. Scotland. 10.5mm lens, D70. Fish very close to lens
Diver discovers massive edible crab.
Image taken at Eyemouth, Scotland using a Nikon D70 with 10.5mm lens and 2 strobes.
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Final RoundThrough to 2007 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
I love Eyemouth/St Abbs 'cos you can get great shots like this one from Mike
Grey Seal dancing in the sunlight.
Farne isles England
Nikon D70 in sea and sea housing with 10.5mm lens
A pair of Grey Seals. Farne Islands, England.
Nikon d70 in sea and sea housing using 10.5mm lens.
St. Abbs Scotland,
Big Wolf Fish smiling into camera.
Nikon f90x in sea and sea housing, with 60mm lens and 2 strobes.
Happy ballan wrasse captured at Cathedral Rock St. Abbs Scotland.
Nikon D70 with 60mm lens, smiling into camera.
Rozi wreck and diver
nik v with 15mm lens

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
nice small wreck Mike, resisted the temptation to enter in B&W too!
Diver in Gully at Wuddy Rock, St. Abbs, Scotland. 10.5mm lens on nikon D70. In c & c housing.
Taken off of St. Abbs, Scotland.
This is a close Focus Wide Angle shot of a dead mens finger with a diver in the background.
Nikon D70 in C & C housing 10.5mm lens
Small vivid blue Lions Mane Jellyfish UP CLOSE. Off of St. Abbs Head. Nikon D70 with 60mm lens.
VALENTINE TANK, taken in Findhorn Bay in the Moray Firth.
Nik V with 15mm lens.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice coldwater wreck
Wild Wolf Fish
Taken at Great Green Carr, St. Abbs, Scotland. Nikon f90x with 60mm lens. This fish came very close to the port.
Ballan Wrasse in breeding colouration, taken at Cathedral Rock St. Abbs, Scotland. Nikon f90x, 60mm lens.
A pair of flying Manta Rays in the blue.
Nik V, 15mm lens with just a kiss of flash to illuminate the underside of the Ray.
Image taken in 15m on a thila off of Coco Island, Baa Atoll, Maldives
Nik V with 15mm lens, Fuji 100asa film.
Rozi wreck in Malta with Diver posing with torch. 30 metres down!
Grey Seal, Dunbar, Scotland
From boat using D70 with 80mm lens.
161 Entries Found: Page 6  of  6