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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Terry Moore

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Spot the Shrimp who hides upon the coral, taken with a Canon 20D with 100mm macro
Fairy Basslet free swiming captured with a Canon 20D and 100mm 1/1 macro
Schooling Baitfish cascade over the stern of the "Beata" wreck off Cooper Is. BVI. Image taken with Ikelite housed Canon G1 with Inon 100deg wide lens.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Looks a bit chaotic at first glance but Terry's shot is worth a zoom
CFWA of slipper lobster at Rainbow Canyons, British Virgin Islands. Taken with Canon Elph 2.1mp Camera in Poly Housing with Sea& Sea MMII 20mm Wide lens and URpro red filter Natural light.
Truck wreck at Truk Lagoon, taken on the San Francisco Maru. Canon 20D with 10-22mm Wide lens, dual DS-125's
Schooling Tarpon feed on a school of bait in Brewers Bay off the island of Tortola. Taken with a Ikelite housed Canon 3.3MP G1 and DS125 Strobe
Beautiful Cowrie Shell (dead) on coral. Taken with Canon 20D with 100mm Macro
Blackbeards vessel "Pirates Lady" dive deck at sunset in the Bahamas
My friend Johnny Burton silhouetted under the Pirates Lady
Macro of a Shrimp on a night dive, taken with Canon 20D and 100mm 1/1 macro
Sea Explorer comes in close second Pirates Lady, in a race to Bimini Harbor
A large turtle on a wall dive in Palau
A young BVI Belonger plays underwater for the camera shot with Canon G1 with Inon wide lens natural light

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Perhaps not technically perfect but just look at that smile!
Pedersons Shrimp with eggs taken with Canon 20D and 100mm 1/1 Macro
Inside the nose of Chuuk Lagoons Emily Flying Boat
Being intimidated by a Great Baracuda on safety stop above the chickuzen Wreck in the BVI. Canon G1 in ikelite housing
Fujisan Maru at Chuuk Lagoon
Whaler Sharks in the Bahamas taken with Canon G1 in Ikelite housing and Inon 100 degree lens Natural light
Cute Secretary Blenny
Panning a Peacock flounder in full flight with 2.1 MP Canon Elph with wide angle lens and UR Pr filter
My Wife doing what she loves best
Arrow Blenny taken with Canon 20D with 100mm Macro
Fairy Basslet taken with Canon 20D and 100mm Macro
Speeding Peacock Flounder caught in its glide phase with a Canon G1 Point & Shoot
Melissa enters a Torpedo Hole in a chuuk Lagon Wreck, Taken with a Aquatica housed 20D
Moray Eel taekn with a Ikelite Housed Canon G1
Small Crab and our Dive Boat taken with a Canon SD550 Point & Shoot
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2006

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Underwater photographers can rarely exploit depth of field like land photographers can - as Terry's shot shows
91 Entries Found: Page 3  of  4