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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Daniel Strub

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Crayfish in Rivaz, lake Geneva
Buddy Daniel under the ice in a small pond ! Great fun :-)
Anodonta cygnea - swan mussel - the natural filter of our lakes (up to 50L/day). what looks like a tongue is in fact it's foot, used to move or dig the sand.
Porceleine crab and his host anemone :-) great FUN
common eel (anguilla anguilla) - these guys, from what i know some of them at least, migrate from our lakes to the Sargassum Sea to reproduce ... impressive !!
Freshwater snail - limnee; look at the bloodsucker at it's side :-))
Harmony in red ... :-))
Another Cottus Gobio taken in the Geneva Lake, night dive ... great viz, great dive :-))
Burbot, taken on a night dive with Sven. Great dive.
Big-eared radix, night dive, 5°C water temp ... great viz ... great dive in Lake Geneva
Potamogeton sp., Pondweed, found in our lakes. Here detail of the flower, 3 m under water.
The Mantabubble ... the air captured under the ice looks like a manta ray, doesn't it?
King PIKE, the Underwaterphotographer and the Icy Pond ... a prefect world :-))
Divebuddy Dani finishing a great dive at le Duzillet this morning. As usual, great fun :-))
Painted comber (serranus scriba) taken in Portofino
Picture taken during a dive in the Portofino Sanctuary. It's an egg of a Nursehound (Scyliorhinus stellaris ) bound to a red gorgonia. During that dive (La Torre) we dove through a canyon where every second gorgonia had an egg on it. Was amazing :-))
Shot taken during the early morning dive, 6:30 am - and i woke up Mitch :-) - at Monad Shoal, while waiting for the Threshers ... who by the way were also seen :-)) whata great spot, i LOVE it
Trying to discover Mitch's secret of Worldclass photos :-)) hihihiii ... Great fun diving with Sven and Michel.
After having seen pictures of Sven and me made by Michel, i bring you the MAKING OF: it's Michel getting a snapshot of Sven finishing his dive :-) To take Michels favourite expression: que du BONHEUR ;-)
Panda Clownfish (Perca polymnus), also known as Saddleback Anemonefish. the female is breeding and protecting the eggs on the stone netx to the anemone. Taken in Dauin, Car Wreck
A young bat fish - platax pinnatus? - was following us during the whole night dive on car wreck, in front of Pura Vida Resort, Dauin. It was a great dive.
Cottus Gobio - European bullhead; il love the reflection of the flashlight in his eye ... but i don't know if he did :-)
Ocellated wrasse - symphodus ocellatus. This guy was quite occupied in builing his nest when i came accross his way. He didn't like it to much, and kept on chasing me away !
Egg-lying Hervia (cratena peregrina) in l'Estartit
Hypselodoris elegans - a beatifull nudibranch. Quite a lot of them are found around the Portofini sanctuary.
Schooling jacks in Apo Island, at Mamsa Point: a strong drift dive. Great dive, great viz, great place. il LOVE it :-)
spiral tube worm; the challange is - at least to me - to take the picture before these guys go back into their tubes.... and i needed a couple of trys :-o
615 Entries Found: Page 21  of  23