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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Michael Gallagher

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Eagle ray portrait - Julian Rocks, Byron Bay, Australia
Talk to the flipper!! Turtle with attitude - Julian Rocks, Byron Bay, Australia.
Juvenile sweetlip, Milne Bay, PNG
Pygmy leatherjacket - shot taken last week at Shelley Beach, Manly, Sydney, Australia - these guys are tiny, about the size of a golf ball, and they don't stay still for very long either!!
Aerial view (breaking the golden rule, I know!!) of an Eastern Fiddler Ray at Shelley Beach, Manly, Sydney, Australia - one of the prettiest rays in the ocean in my opinion.
An icon of Sydney diving - the Eastern Blue Groper. The big blue dominant males keep a territory - this one has spotted a suspected intruder, in my lens port!! Uncropped.
Say Aaaaaaaaaahhh!!! A trio of Batfish lining up for a clean at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay, Australia
Green Sea Turtle in silhouette, taken today at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay as part of the Sundive Photo Shoot Out 2010 - Tokina 10-17mm lens at 10mm, no strobes
Loggerhead turtle portrait, taken today at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay as part of the Sundive Photo Shoot Out 2010
Tiny cuttlefish, about the size of my fist, taken at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay today as part of Sundive's Photo Shoot-Out 2010
Extreme close up of a loggerhead turtle front flipper, taken on the beach at Heron Island, Australia. This lovely lady was laying her eggs below the high tide line, so I helped the park ranger lift her onto higher ground - turtles are HEAVY!!!
3 old Fiats on the Umbria in Sudan - a fabulous wreck to dive, and a real treat to see these old cars from the 1940s.
Striped Frogfish (or Striped Anglerfish as we Aussies call them). Shot taken muck diving in Chowder Bay on the north shore of Sydney Harbour, Australia. Water temp a chilly 18 degrees - brrrr!!
Mantis Shrimp, PNG
Oriental Sweetlip, Maldives
Dolphin leap, early morning at the lighthouse, Byron Bay, Australia
Time for a shark shot! Silky shark cruising underneath Royal Evolution, Sudan
Potato Cod with little yellow friend, Great Barrier Reef
Jellyfish, backlit by sun, Tokina 10-17mm at 17mm
Coral Cod portrait, Sudan - this shot took 20 minutes, more than 50 attempts, and one blown strobe!
Clown froggie, PNG
Sea star shrimp on Egyptian sea star
Would you follow this dive guide???
Parrotfish poo. It's always funny...
Silky shark in sunbeams, Tokina 10-17mm FE
Clown triggerfish profile - one of my favourite fish...
Silky shark at night, taken with single strobe out wide on the left, with snoot
260 Entries Found: Page 7  of  10