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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Robert Michaelson

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Tongue eating louse in pink clownfish. Nikon D90, dual strobes
Split toning used. The mantas sort of magically appear and I think gives them the ethereal nature they have.
Spinner dolphin leaps in front of our dive boat
Pink Anemone. Nikon D90 Dual Strobes
Could use some help with identification of this crab, thanks. About 8 inches (21 cm) wide.
Nikon D90 85mm, dual strobes.
Nikon D90, 85 macro
Zanzibar shrimp, Nikon D90, dual strobes, 85 mm with +5 diopter
Sun anemone shrimp. Nikon D90 with dual strobes a +5 diopter
Secretary Blennie at Capt Don's Bonaire. Nikon D90 with dual strobes.
There always seems to be one who didn't get the memo about which way we're swiming today
Sailfin Blenny at Capt Don's House Reef
Sunset at the Jeff Davis, MD Memorial Dive Site in Bonaire
At Karpata, Bonaire
Lettuce Nudibranch, Bonaire
Can't match the flamboyancy of the Pacific species
Sun Anemone Shrimp
Secretary Blennie. Don't see them out swimmimg freely very often.
Squid at dive site Country Garden, Bonaire.
Comfortable resting spot
THe resident grouper at Capt Don's House Reef
At Capt Don's House Reef.
Slender File Fish at Carl's Hill Klein Bonaire
Reminds me of DeNiro- "You talking to me?"
Night time tube anemone. Manipulated the colors quite a bit.
Horse-eye Jacks at Capt Don's Bonaire
I like the rainbow of colors in mouth. Didn't know there were that many different colors in a grouper's mouth

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Picture could be composed slightly better but still a great closeup of this grouper.
Very immature crayfish, about 5 mm in size. Comal River, New Braunfels, TX
This guy thinks he's in a dance contest.
137 Entries Found: Page 2  of  6