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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Geo Cloete

420 Entries Found: Page 10  of  16
~ Electric Blue ~
In celebration and support of Earth hour. The Milky Way and a bio-luminescent ocean...what more light do you need for a perfect evening.
~ Digging In ~
~ Stick with Me ~
~ Black Hole ~
~ Pollen ~
~ Pinching Bubble Wrap ~
~ Midnight Snack ~
~ Colourful Alien ~
~ Tubular Bells ~
~ Switched On ~
~ Candle Light ~
~ Jet Propulsion ~
~ The Beauty of Detail ~
~ Looking Down the Barrel ~
Dimension from left to right represents 7mm
~ A Darker Shade of Blue ~
~ Silence ~
~ Prowling ~
~ Bad Hair Day ~
~ Anemone Mile ~
~ Wishing You All a Yawn Dropping Beautiful New Year ~
~ Cornered ~
When the seals deiced to join you in the little swim through you have found smile
~ Colour Collide-scope ~
~ Its the Little Parts which Forms the Bigger Picture ~
Diving with shoals of fish is a dream past time of mine, but not so easy to capture a photo which is not just a photo of a school of fish. Having all the little ones form a much bigger fish.
~ Their Two Worlds ~
~ Razor ~
~ Dream World ~
~ Early Dinner ~
420 Entries Found: Page 10  of  16