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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Andre Philip

322 Entries Found: Page 3  of  12
"Spaceship Enterprise?" - The Variable Electric Ray (Torpedo sinuspersici)
"Ooh, he swam in this direction..." ;-)
Up close and personal with the Giant Puffer Fish (Arothron stellatus)
"Like a Rocket Launch" - A Cowtail Stingray starts
The invitation...
Threatening Lionfish
"Vortex of fishes" - A swarm of engeneer gobys
"Whistleblower? ;-)" - The smart cuttlefish
"Stand up for some food" - Whaleshark in Oslob
Oslob, Cebu, Philippines
"Lovely faces with kissmouthes" - Ribboned Sweetlips
Raja Ampat, Indonesia
"Green Turtle with escort"
"Approach to intercept" - The imposing lionfish
Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines
Anemone Porcelain crab (Neopetrolisthes maculatus)
Nabucco Islands, Indonesia
"Ugly or beautiful ... definitely fascinating" - The face of Crocodilefish
Nabucco Nunukan, Indonesia
"What a Look" - The Giant Triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens)
"Scary or lovely?" - Giant Moray during a dental care
Komodo, Indonesia
"In the colors of spong" - A scorpionfish in nice pastel
Nabucco Islands, Indonesia
"Large eyeballs and big teeth - The Giant Triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens)
Red Sea, Egypt
"Frogfish in brown" - the only time that I saw this colour variation
Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines
"Details of a Beauty" - Nembrotha Kubaryana Nudibranch
Komodo, Indonesia
Final RoundThrough to 2015 awards final round judging
"Resting with Friends" - Green Sea Turtle with Remoras
Red Sea, Egypt
"It´s close enough!" - The threat gesticulation of a Cuttlefish
Nabucco, Indonesia
"Like a little Fireworks" -
With this tiny broad-barred firefish I wish all of you a Happy New Year 2015
"The Camouflage Artist" - Crocodilefish Portrait
Nabucco Nunukan, Maratua Atoll, Indonesia
Portrait of young Batfish
Raja Ampat, Indonesia
"Face of Wisdom, Trust and Peace" - Things that we need more than ever
Nabucco Nunukan, Indonesia
"The Beauty" - Chromodoris leopardus
"Freshwater Barracuda" - Portrait of a Northern Pike in a german lake
322 Entries Found: Page 3  of  12