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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Luke Gordon

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Face Off
The Dance Off
Ornate beauty
Unveiled - A juvenile ribbon eel searches for prey
Genie In A Bottle - A Mosshead Warbonet sits inside a discarded bottle displaying his famous 'hair-do'
A large fish eating anemone extends its tentacles amongst the growing bull kelp
A Giant Plumose Anemone (Metridium farcimen) opens up to feed in the currents off the coast of Vancouver Island. Inward lighting technique
Portrait of Ambon
Juvenile Brown-Banded Bamboo Shark in Indonesia
Fluorescent zoanthids display a large amount of GFP (green fluorescent protein).
Tiny juvenile Inimicus didactylus, A.K.A. Grump
Playing peek-a-boo with a Mosshead Warbonet (Chirolophis nugator) inside a discarded bottle
The appendages which house the feeding tentacles for the siphonphore, Rosacea cymbiformis, are called Cormidiums. With the feeding tentacles retracted here, the Cormidiums resemble tiny underwater lanterns.
UFO or Moth crab.....?this little guy was scuttling around the rocks when I managed to catch him, a very interesting little crab.
Top Snail Isolation. Inward lighting and a perched atop re-growing Bull Kelp.
The next generation, tiny juvenile A.pictus.
A Smoothhead Sculpin (Artedius lateralis) rests amongst some kelp in Victoria, BC
The subject fights back
Turbinaria sp. fluoresces in the Molucca sea
Fluorescent flower mountains - this species of Montipora hard coral displays breathtaking fluorescence while feeding under the cover of night in The Philippines.
Portrait Orange
Two male Coho Salmon make their way upstream for one of the last spawns of the season
Eyes bigger than the stomach
Fluorescent fire worm having a good look into the lens
Tiny sponge Isopods fluorescing under darkness
135 Entries Found: Page 2  of  5