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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Ken Kiefer

249 Entries Found: Page 5  of  10
Solo Tiger over the sand
Prehistoric Tail - Emma, the well known TigerShark from a different angle
Gotta be in position and ready for when the TigerSharks make a pass!! wink
Hawksbill turtle checking out my camera and the reef
Reef Shark and a Lemon near the dive boat
Reef Shark out of the sun
Belly Shot of a Reef Shark
Tiger Shark with a Reef Shark in the background
Tiger Beach
Canon 5D3 w 8-15mm fisheye
Freediving with a Giant
Tiger Sharks on Parade
My friend snorkeling down next to a whale shark.
Canon 5D3 w/ 8-15mm fisheye
Large Lemon Shark glides past an underwater photographer
at Tiger Beach
Canon 5D3 w/ 8-15mm fisheye
Swirling Reefies overhead
Reef Shark overhead
Hawksbill Turtle overhead in Cozumel
Lone Tiger Shark surveys the barren landscape
Unfortunate result of fishing. This tigershark, nicknamed 'Precious' has two hooks lodged deep in her throat. On the positive side, at least they released her, and didn't kill her!! My wife enjoys her beauty in the background
Lemony Freshness!
Lemon Shark in the beautiful waters of Tiger Beach
Big Pimpin
Large tiger shark comes in for a closer look
Divers at Tiger Beach with a little Shark Tail
Lemon shark at tiger beach
Reef Shark amongst Tigers
I am a big fan of the sleek lines that Reef Sharks possess.
They are not the main attraction at Tiger Beach, but I really enjoy their presence.
Canon 5D3 w/ 8-15mm fisheye
Photobomb from tiger beach
Photographer working for the right angle with a TigerShark
'Notch' a newcomer to the Tiger Beach scene enjoys some time in the sun.
Tiger Shark coming close to inspect my camera
My wife Kimber enjoys a beautiful tiger shark on her first trip to Tiger Beach.
249 Entries Found: Page 5  of  10