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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Ken Kiefer

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Few Reefies hanging around on a rough and stirred up day of diving at Tiger Beach.
Just Passing Through...
Hawksbill Turtle in Cozumel
Canon 5D w/ 15mm fisheye
Spotted Drum in Cozumel. One of my favorite fish to see; I consider them good luck! Canon 5D3 w/ 8-15mm fisheye fish was basically on my dome!
Oceanic Whitetip slicing through the water
Canon 5D3 8-15mm fisheye
Cat Island, Bahamas
My friend's daughter appears to have some really muscular legs!!
It's actually her mom behind her as she was pushing her over me and my camera! :D
Ballet dancing underwater
Limber and graceful
Eagle Ray just sliding through the currents with ease.
Hawksbill Turtle swimming just above the sandy bottom in Cozumel, Mexico
Love their grace and beauty. Canon 5D w/ 15mm fisheye
My niece goofing around underwater in the pool. She's just biding her time until she's old enough to get scuba certified. Very comfortable underwater!
Alien Turtle
Lawnmower - This large Tigershark called Emma moves so much water with her massive body that loose sand and seagrass billows around her when she's swimming along the bottom.
Huge Green Seaturtle slowly dropping off into the Abyss
Off Punta Tunich Wall in Cozumel
Oceanic Whitetip over the sand, which is rare for this species. Bottom looks like the moon a little bit.
Canon 5D3
8-15mm fisheye @ 15mm
some relaxing bubble rings . . . I've always been fascinated with the way that they roll on their way to the surface. Cozumel
Juvenile Queen Angel in Cozumel, Mexico
Canon 5D3 w/ 8-15mm fisheye
One of my favorite fish, with one of my favorite people! Enjoying each others presence. Cat Island, Bahamas Canon 5D3 w/ 8-15mm fisheye

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Nice action shot.
Tiger Shark w/ Underwater Cameraman
Canon 5D3
8-15mm fisheye
Oceanic Whitetip near Cat Island, Bahamas
Cruising towards me with a determined look
Canon 5D3 w/ 8-15mm
The sunrays blasting down was such an incredible sight, I sometimes forgot we were in the water with some beautiful Oceanic Whitetips... nah, just kidding! It was incredible to see both at the same time!!
Swim Team Workout
One of my favorite Queen Angels ever
She spent half an hour hanging out in front of my face and would try to swallow any dime sized bubbles out of my regulator. Usually the Queens are too busy to let us peasants near, was so awesome!
Cinematographer in the background with this beautiful Oceanic Whitetip shark.
3rd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Perfect color and sharpness and great composition. As an underwater photographer, I always love seeing us in action.
Emma, a large tiger shark cruises beneath the dive boat, at TigerBeach, bahamas
French Angel in Cozumel. Canon 5D no strobes. slowly frog kicked through an opening hoping the entire time that the angel would hold still until I got close enough!!!! smile
High school swimmer practicing his streamlining
My lovely wife Kimber taking some underwater modeling tips from Ms Hawksbill
taken with a Canon 5D in Cozumel
249 Entries Found: Page 9  of  10