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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Susannah H. Snowden-Smith

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A green sea turtle ascends into sunbeams in late evening light.
"Hermit Crab In Slow Motion"
Ambient light and a slow shutter speed blurs the background, while strobe light freezes a hermit crab sitting on the edge of a purple vase sponge.
"Manatee In Sunbeams"
A manatee swims under sunbeams just after sunrise.
Final RoundThrough to 2017 awards final round judging
"Synchronized Swimmers"
A pair of juvenile Spanish Hogfish swim across the reef together. Swimming in perfect tandem, the fish appear to be mirror images of each other.
When life gives you lemons, take photographs!
Lemon Sharks
Jupiter, FL
Mermaid statue at Sunset House, Grand Cayman
I used a remote strobe with a Triggerfish strobe trigger to backlight the statue, and waited for the fish to be in a good position to click the shutter.
A brightly-colored flagfin glass blenny rests on coral. Shot with one strobe on an angle to provide texture.
(No snoot.)
"Prairie Land"
Seagrass takes on the look of a prairie landscape in this slow shutter image. I utilized surge in the shallows, allowing it to push me through the seagrass while I framed rippling blue water as the landscape's sky and clouds.
"Glamour Shot"
A hermit crab is framed through the edge of the purple sponge it's sitting in.
Look closely: a diver is lit by a remote slave strobe as he explores the interior of the Nicholson shipwreck. The WW II landing vessel lies in 55' of water in Grand Cayman.
"Lemme take a look in there. Have you been keeping up with your flossing?"
Coney at cleaning station with banded cleaner shrimp
"Psychedelic Stingray!"
A stingray is made colorful with a lighting technique I am developing.
Grand Cayman
"Magic Eye"
Remember those magic eye puzzles from the 90's? Look closely at this photo and watch the fish appear!
Scorpion Fish, master of disguise...
"Turtle In Soft Color Palette"
Roatan Squid!
The ex-USS Kittiwake is seen in an over-under photograph as rays of sunlight penetrate the sea.
"Golden Portrait II"
I angled my strobes to light just the face. I used a high shutter speed to keep the water blue and provide contrast to the yellow. A shallow depth of field kept focus on just the face and eyes. No filters or Photoshop.
"Starfish And Water Droplet"
Starfish over-under photograph. Look closely: a drop of water is frozen as it bounces off the surface of the water!
No Photoshop.
"Turtle In The Sunlight"
Rays of late-day sun illuminate a resting green sea turtle.
"Squid In High Key"
I spent about 1 1/2 hrs with some playful squid on a shallow shore dive. I pointed my camera straight up under the squid against the sky & intentionally overexposed the sun to blow out the sky & leave just the squid as subject.
"Spinning Sponges"
The sponge in the foreground is illuminated by my strobes, while the ones in the background spin! No Photoshop.
"Christmas Texture"
Christmas tree worms in a beautiful shade of orange, contrasting nicely against charcoal-colored coral! Texture achieved by shooting with a single strobe.
"Porthole Frame"
A diver is framed through a porthole on the bridge of the USS-Kittiwake. The room this photo was taken in is painted, its bright colors coming out with my twin strobes.
"Glowing Skeleton"
A skeleton shrimp photographed with my Nightsea fluorescence kit, causing it to glow!
I found this starfish climbing over mangrove tree roots. Once it got near the surface of the water, I was able to frame the photograph I wanted: both the over-under view, as well as the reflection of the starfish on the surface of the water.
Final RoundThrough to 2016 awards final round judging
"Starfish Through The Lens"
A starfish is seen both in front, and through, my Sea&Sea dome port. I took this photo as I framed a shot.
"Golden Portrait"
A rare golden coney. No filters used: I angled my strobes to light just the coney's face, and used a high shutter speed, which kept the water behind it blue and provided a nice contrast to the yellow.
302 Entries Found: Page 6  of  12