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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Brenda De Vries

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Part of a sponge in Sardinia Italy
A small nudibranch, called 'groene wierslak', grean sea snail in Zeeland, Netherlands.
Fishportret of a dab fish taken in the Netherlands in the biggest saltwaterlake of West-Europe, 'de Grevelingen', or 'Grevelingenmeer'.
Fish on the Milford Haven wreck in Italy. This very big wreck is suitable for all kind of divers, depths from 34m till 79m.
The U455 wreck in Italy. This wreck lies in a depth between 92m and 118m. A very big seastar has found a home on it.
This turtle is resting on a piece of fabric. Taken on Curacao.
A nice pike in the Netherlands.
Lily and the same mirrored lily in a small lake in the Netherlands The pictures is taken 100% under water, but at only 10 cm depth.
Flooded Slatemine in Germany.
A tunnel in an old slate mine in Germany.
An old weather door in a slate mine. These doors were used to control the 'climate' in the mines.
Playing with natural light in the cenote of Tajma Ha in Mexico.
Diving in Lago Sassolo. Very cold and over 2000m height.
The entrance of the Aktun Ha cave in Mexico.
A wideangle with model taken in the Netherlands.
Purple jellyfish in the red sea.
Cavernzone of the Cunhac cave in the Lot river. Only a few weeks a year good viz.
Very small critter with a very very small fish in his claw. I only saw this on the picture at home.
Entrance of a cave in the Cele river in France.
A tunnel in the Ressel cave in France at about 300m from the entrance.
The most famous cave in the Lot region in France: Ressel. This time really good viz.
Small orange fish in the red sea.
Eye of a crodile fish. The eye has very nice details.
Puffer fish in the red sea.
Chinese wreck in the Red sea.
A couple of red eye damselflies is putting eggs under water.
Chinese wreck on the Fury shoals.
177 Entries Found: Page 4  of  7