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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Ionian Sea

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3 nudies close by. Inspird me for this swirl
Fishs - Serranus hepatus (detail)
Corals - Astroides calycularis
Corals - Parazoanthus axinellae
The last help. Before going down this ship had at its stern the cord emergency staircase.
Torre Vado, Italy
Ascidian's siphon, strongly magnified
Santa Maria al Bagno (ITA)
Night shot onto a sand anemone tentacles catching a micro crustacean
Christmas tree in night dive
Corals - Astroides calycularis
Two nudies.Nikonos V, 1:3 macro tube
Bavosa gattoruggine (Parablennius gattorugine) in a black sponge. 8 metres underwater.
Hermodice carunculata is an animal much diffusing in the Mediterranean. Similar to a large worm it introduces along the flanks of the thorns that transmit a urticante substance if to contact with the skin.
Nudibranchs - Hypselodoris fontandraui
Fishs (detail) - Coris julis (female)
Fish - Labrus viridis (detail)
Fishs - Serranus hepatus (detail)
Red over red.
Fishs - Oblada melanura (detail)
Nudibranchs - Thuridilla hopei
Fishs - Coris julis (female)
Leopard Shark & Nudibranch
A "Nudi" Mediterranean (Hypselodoris tricolor) nothing to envy to relatives of colorful tropical seas.
Fishs (detail) - Thalassoma pavo (male)
Detail of a marine worm "serpula vermicularis" very difficult to photograph. Its tentacles perceive the closing movement within the tube limestone.
318 Entries Found: Page 10  of  12

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