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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Norwegian Sea

289 Entries Found: Page 8  of  11
wreck Spring
sea schell
Wreck of Haakon
the WW2 wreck of Oldenburg
Solvang wreck in Gulen
Fluorescent Hermit crab glowing in the dark - by using glowdive filters and ultraviolet lights it is possible to find and capture fluorescent creatures even in the cold Norwegian fjords. No photoshop effects.
the wreck of SS Borghild , resting on nice sandy bottom on 150 feet.
Silver Medal Silver Medal 2011
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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Super shot of great technical difficulty. Great feel of awe, I love the blurred diver showing it was a long exposure
The small Ghost-crab was very hard to spot, a moment later it was completely gone smile
eos 7d tamron90mm with 1,4 tc
inon z 240 strobes
Hyperid amphipod getting a free ride on a (rather small) jelly fish...
Cool cold water diver
spidercrab fund during a night dive. tamron 90, f20, 160
dual inon strobes
Red jellyfish
A little Goby
Monkfish, waiting for food. totaly relaying on his camoflage smile
tokina 10-17, inonz 240 strobes
the coldest dive so far this year smile

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
this shows the drama of coldwater diving!
Pool fishing
Close up of the 2cm large Sepiola atlantica
Colorful Jellyfish in Southern Norway
"Crab and bird".
The crab was eating on a bird and I got real close before it saw me.
Tiny cold-water plankton (Clione limacina), free swimming in the cold waters of Norway, looking for prey - which it will devour after hooking it with its eversible tentacles.
The mast on Frankenwald (voted as the best wreck in Norway), on the Norwegian West coast.
Frankenwald, on the Norwegian west coast. Voted as the best wreck in Norway.
289 Entries Found: Page 8  of  11

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