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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Morten Bjorn Larsen

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I waited half an hour until this Nudibranch came over a piece of coral, so I could get a nice face shot.
I waited until the nudi came to the edge of the leaf, so the edge itself and some black back ground could give the photo some extra depth. I tried to get the nudis face placed in the Rule of thirds. I placed focus on the closest head tentacle.
Under the Bridge. I was making my safety stop, when I realised the photo opportunities under this bridge.
Come Together! I saw a huge number of shrimp (mating season), on a dive where I had my fisheye on. So I went back as soon as I could, with a 60mm macro to get this photo...
Under the ice.
The ice has just got thick enough to make a hole in it, and dive under!
A bit of both worlds in Denmark
In the afternoon when the sun was low, the sunbeams came beautifully down through the water.
The mast on Frankenwald (voted as the best wreck in Norway), on the Norwegian West coast.
Frankenwald, on the Norwegian west coast. Voted as the best wreck in Norway.
A wreck has slipped into a hole/cave in Kalymnos - Greece

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Moody wreck Morten!
In a cave I found a spot where I could get both some colours in the foreground, the natural light and the opening in the frame.
Fast and shy - but I finally got it...
This one really kept coming closer and closer, fantastic experience.
One of the georgeus fan corals at Elpinstone Reef
Four nudibranchs in one shot :-)
I practised creating a pool of light on the foreground subject, with my strobes placed above the dome port.
I love how the tail of the nudibranch is visible through the leaf.
After the last competition at the World Championship in freediving 2009, I took all the athletes out in the deep jump pool for a group photo.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
We ought to has a contest for the most people ever in a shot underwater. This one would be in the running for sure!
19 Entries Found