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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries By John De Jong

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Sleeping beauty during a nightdive on the housereef of Port Ghalib.
Some sun at Lake Grevelingen, the Netherlands last weekend. Watertemperatur 5 degrees C
Playing with the snoot under bad conditions last weekend.
My daughter and her friend in the swimming pool of our hotel in Mallorca.
Polycera quadrilineata with snoot.
Pike during snorkling last weekend.
Carp during snorkling last weekend.
Playing with the snoot last weekend. Poor visibility.
Nathalie between the jellyfish at lake Grevelingen, the Netherlands.
Last weekens I made my first dive after 4 weeks. I can't remember when I didn't dive for such a long time, but influenza.....
These lumbsucker wit eggs was my goal for these dive, and I was glad I found him ;-)
In winter time the colored eggs of the Myoxocephalus scorpius are very attractive to a lot of divers. Water temperature around 5 degrees C.
Take these shot of Diadumene cincta last Saturday. The water temp is about 6 degrees C for the moment. Snoot on my flash mounted.
Polycera quadrilineata willing to pose.....
Last weekend during snorkling, without strobe/light.
Small pike just above me. Picture during snorkling.
Because a small accident during bike racing I couldn't dive last weekend. But snorkling was possible. I removed the flashes from my camera and was > 2 hours in the water. These pike was about 80-90cm in length, only natural light.
I first thought to discover a strange parasite on the Janolus cristatus. Later I found that it was a juvenile Aeolidia papillosa of 1-2mm. Shot with a +10 diopter on my 50mm macro lens.
Iso 100, F7.1, 1/100s with Olympus E330 and 12-60mm lens at Dreischor, the Netherlands. Syngnathus acus between vegetation.
The beginning of the mating season of our Sepia's some weeks ago. There were four on these sticks, now there are plenty. Unfortunately there are also plenty divers now......
These female Sepia is putting her egg to a stick, while her partner is in the neighborhood.
Hidden in these oister, shot last weekend with my 50mm macro and +10 diopter.
These Tinca tinca was the only positive during my dive last friday close to my home. Poor visibility, glad I had the snoot on my flash.
These lumbsucker was hidden between the oysters in the Oosterschelde. Hide for all these photographers with their irritating flash lights….
I missed him last week, but yesterday I was lucky enough to find him. There will be more the next weeks, waiting for the lady's
Father looking for his future childs.....
Today my first icedive with camera. No fish, but the sculptures were nice.
Some playing with the snoot yesterday. These Aeolidia papillosa was willing to pose.....
127 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5