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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it.

Just look at some of the internationally acclaimed photographers who have launched their u/w photo careers here over the years.

Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Stephen Holinski

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Photoshop CS3, Cuttle Fish in the Gold Coast Seaway, Australia
CFA...sure...half of model is out of water...G7 in Pool. Bahamas. Single Ys27DX Strobe.
Canon G7, Photoshop CS3
Whaleshark....Ningaloo Reef
Jellyfish X-ray?
Shot at Bondi Beach, Sydney, AUS. Canon A630 Internal flash.
Shark Feed Action. BW done in PS3. Canon G7
Urchin Abstract. Cold Water's of British Columbia, Canada. Canon G7, Inon Macro lens, Sea and Sea YS27DX Strobe
Black and White conversion in PS3. Lionfish in the Reef. Canon G7, Sea and Sea YS27DX Strobe
Swimming Pool O/U with the famous Atlantis Resort in the backgroud.
Nudi Gills. Canon G7, INON UCL167, Sea and Sea YS27DX
Beach in Western Australia made entirely from Shells. Will post another pic showing the shells and water!
Moray. Canon G7, Sea and Sea YS27DX
Anemone Abstract. Canon A630, internal flash.
Purple Feather's. Canon G7, Sea and Sea YS27DX, Inon UCL165
Now this is a DRAGON. Original taken with a Canon A630, then put through CS3....and lots was done!
Massive Bull Kelp in New Zealand. Canon A630
Flamingo Tongue. Canon G7, Inon UCL165 Lens, Sea and Sea YS27DX Strobe (Single)
Pair of Flamingo Tongues. Canon G7, Sea and Sea Ys27DX
Just got home from a week in the Bahamas; did a shark dive with Stuart's Cove! Oddly enough this picture was taken on the first dive...during the safety stop. Couldn't wait to post. Canon G7, Single Sea and Sea YS27DX (full)
Attack! Decorator crab unhappy with my camera lens! Canon G7, Sea and Sea YS27DX Strobe (single). Victoria, British COlumbia, Canada.
Nudi' in Red Corals. Taken in Victoria, British Columbia. Canon G7, Sea and Sea YSDX Strobe (single).
Decorator Crab....Decorating. Found in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Zoomed version you can see one of his eyes beneath all of that kelp he's wearing. Canon G7, Sea and Sea YS27DX Strobe
Big Spanish Dancer, second seen swimming on the trip! Nice Sunburst, Nice Dancer...BAD BUBBLES! Kinda funny, look like the dancer is breathing! Canon G7, Sea and Sea YS27DX Strobe.
Shrimp in its hole. Victoria, British Columbia.
Canon G7, Sea and Sea YS27DX Strobe
Opalescent Nudibranch looking for a meal. Taken in Victoria, British Columbia with a Canon G7, and single Sea and Sea YS277DX Strobe
Crab and Sea Cucumber. Taken in the cold waters of British Columbia, Canada with a Canon G7, andS ea and Sea YS27DX Single Strobe.
109 Entries Found: Page 2  of  5