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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Brenda De Vries

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Taken during a blackwater dive.
Symbioses, living together.
Picture taken during a black water dive. Very small creatures swimm around you and this 'jellyfish' was one of them. Very hard to focus with the camera.
Fighting murenes in Amed, Bali.
This diver found a Barbie-doll under water. Once it was an example and idol for young girls, now it was just waste and tranciense. The sun was low and this gives a nice spooky realm of this headless doll
Wide angle with model shot taken on the Liberty wreck in Tulambenm, Bali. Parts of the wreck are full of corals and really colorful.
One of the favorite subjects of a lot of photographers. Always nice to encounter. This nice murene.
The Liberty wreck on Bali, one of the most famous wrecks in the world. Easy to access from shore. Very colorfull.
Cave El Brinco in the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. I had the chance to do a cave dive here. It was quite hard to find a guide to bring us to this cave, but it was a nice adventure.
Taken in the Grevelingenmeer in the Netherlands.
Perch and tench in the 'Boomgaardplas' in the Nederlands. The water is a little bit milky, but that are the circumstances in my country.
Schiefergrube in Nuttlar, a slate mine in Germany.
A small snail in a fresh water lake in the Netherlands. The picture is taken with a snoot and also a waterplant catched light.
Fishportret taken in the 'Grevelingenmeer' in the Netherlands.
Felicitas slate mine in Germany. These mines and also caves were the reason for me to start photography. I stil like this piece of history that most peoplen will never see. Remember that people worked here.
Picture from an old slate mine in Germany, Grube Felicitas called. It is a flooded mine with 3km of tunnels.
Small fish in the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands.
Sea squirt taken in the Oosterschelde in the Netherlands. You see a lot in these waters here.
Turtle on the Island Small Curacao.
Salt Pier Bonaire. A very nice divesite with lot of human impact, but in this case not always negative. Corals grow on steel poles from the pier. A lot of marine life
Taken in an quarry in Germany.
A small plane at a depth of 53m in the lake of Hemmoor Germany. The picture is taken with a circular fisheye which would not be compatible officially for my ports.
Cenote Nohoch Nachich in Mexico. Crystal clear, year round 24 degrees C.
The entrance of a cave in Mexico seen from inside the cave. The cave where this picture is taken is called Nohoch Na Chich
Wooden stairs at 45m in the fresh lake of Hemmoor.
Fish portret of a small fish in the Grevelingen in the Netherlands.
Taken in 'Zeeland' in the Netherlands.
177 Entries Found: Page 1  of  7