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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Tommy Liu

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a shrimp...
from Green Island, Taiwan~
Night dive, found this shrimp when we were in safety stop~~
Night dive, saw a flatworm flying~
A beautiful nudibranch found in north-east pole in Taiwan~
sunset dive, saw this cute blue ring~
Just a Nudi~
This may be the first time we saw this in Taiwan.... this really excites all of the divers!!!
Just fishes
bottom up...
Pygmy seahorse in Tulamben
Why r u in the middle?
Lovely diver in the water with the Jesus light~
Night dive~ see the cute creature coming~
Sea whip mother said to son: I'll take care of you until you grow up...
In the night dive, a squid keeps glittering~
Nudibranch in North-East of Taiwan coast
After checking again, I then knew which portion is its mouth...
A clown fish is shyly hiding behind the anemone
This tiny nudibranch hanging on the tree
Photo taken in Camigium, Phillipine. It looks like a candle rack in the church from this angle.
cute face~ Phoho taken in Taiwan~
This nudi is at the dark side of the moon....strobe from a certain angle we can see the light in this semi-transparent nundibranch.
"Spider or Crab"? .. From this angle we can see something like its foot hair shaped like net of spider~~ cute~
We put some bamboo (with heavy sand bags in its bottom) in the sea to rejuvanate the squid, we can see some eggs on it~
The silhouette of a nudibranch~ Different Feeling~~
This photo was taken in Orchis Island located at the east sids of Taiwan. In the land tour after dives, we found a sea-erosion hole, a good place for silhouette. Then 3 cute girls stood together, put their hands on their heads, then we can see 3 eyes
31 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2