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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Christopher Lynch

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slender filefish
Flamingo tounge
The manta went north ... and came back south...12ft of water looking into the Blue
sea lettuce...
green turtle
Rainbow Parrotfish [terminal phase ] they are hard to get a shot off ... the are not diver friendly
terminal phase stoplight parrot fish
hanging sea horse
Starry eyed hermit crab in conch shell
green moray
arrow crab
those 2 are still at it... o'baby, o'baby
In the bait ball .....
Spotted Cleaner Shrimp....natural light of the reef at 20ft
Just south of the Rappel mooring,a shelf between the shore and the blue, in 25' we found this Marlin, 6’ sticking out of a small cave under an overhang, 6’ + and the spike are jammed in the hole. How did it get stuck, was it chasing food? suicide?
A large[ ugly ] green moray eel ...
flamingo tongues STROBE
This lasts much longer then 4 hours and then he dies...I only Know about the 70 minutes. when we entered the water till the end of the dive .
sea horse w/ a belly ????
starry eyed hermit crab in a conch shell
Walking in the open, deep on the outer reef at Angel City.....
large tiger grouper at a deep cleaning station
Large cubera snapper leaving a cleaning station
2 Black Groupers hunting Bogas in the watercolumn ...
Tiger Grouper at a cleaning station ... you can see the sea lics & count the teeth
sleeping green turtle w/ prop damaged shell now healed...
starry eyed hermit crab in a conch shell naturallight full frame ISO 125, 12mm,f/3.5 @1/500
51 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2