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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Gulf of Venezuela

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Found several Yellowhead Jawfish with a jaw full of eggs while on a shallow dive in Bonaire. Captured with a Nikon D850 and 2 INON strobes. Settings: 1/250, f16, ISO 80.
Is that a hammerhead shark?
Diver enjoying the perfect vis
Sony a6600
Alien encounter 2
Night dive with octopus
Sony a6600
Turtle time/ divers enjoying a diver with a very photogenic turtle.
Sony a6600
Alien encounter/ night dive with an octopus
Sony a6600
While diving in the Maldives I had the opportunity to get very close to this titan triggerfish
Sony a6600
Spotted Eagle Ray and hungry Smooth Trunkfish searching for an early morning breakfast.
I captured this tiny Line Seahorse with my Nikon D850, 60mm lens & INON z330 strobes. It was challenging to shoot since the seahorse was almost the same color as the sand and the white scroll algae it was clinging to.
If you look closely you can see eyes below the flamingo tongue's antennae. I've taken hundreds of photos of flamingo tongues and this is the first time I've captured it's eyes. Shot with Nikon D850 / 60mm lens / 2 INON z330 strobes.
Mating Flamingo Tongues. Shot in Bonaire July 2022. Olympus E-LP10, 60mm, Backscatter mini-flash with Snoot.
Great Barracuda
Juvenile Queen Angelfish
We were on our way to "Turtle City" in Bonaire when I noticed this green sea turtle had a couple of friends catching a ride. I broke away from the group long enough to snap this photo.
Nikon D850, Nikon 16-35mm lens, INON z330 strobes.
Juvenile Damselfish trying to hide among the corals
I came across this lovely turtle chilling on the reef during my last trip to Roatan, Honduras
This juvenile Trunkfish was about the size of a pea. It was pretty active, darting in and out of the coral head, but it finally settled down enough for me to get this shot head on. Nikon D850, Nauticam housing, INON z330 strobes.
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2021

Final RoundThrough to 2021 awards final round judging
We usually see at least one large green moray eel on each dive. This guy was particularly interested in checking out my camera.
The eyes
Tiny Roughhead Blenny Bonaire
neon goby
Azure vase sponge - Callyspongia plicifera & Creolefish - Paranthias furcifer. Picture taken on a Bonaire reef.
Anemone shrimp
When I took this image of the Christmas Tree Worm, I saw that there was a shrimp on it, a very small translucent shrimp
Bonaire - I found this fairy basslet swimming on the Captain Don's House Reef. Lucky for me, she posed just a bit.
345 Entries Found: Page 1  of  13

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