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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Lauren Berger

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"Motherhood". A mama humpback whale hovers over her two-week old calf, helping him to control his buoyancy.
"The Last Breath". My last dive at Roca Partida in the Revillagigdeos with this curious two week old baby humpback whale before he was taken as prey by Orcas.
After spending several days with this mama and calf at Roca Partida, Socorro, we watched in horror as two Orcas killed the baby. This photo reminds me of the beautiful encounter I had. The circle of life is magnificent yet cruel.
A gentle giant Chevron Manta ray glides by, hoping to feel bubbles on it's gills, they love bubble baths from divers!
Whilst diving in the Socorro islands we came across a family of majestic Humpbacks at Roca Partida in the Socorro islands. These gentle giants stole my heart!
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal 2015

Final RoundThrough to 2015 awards final round judging
"What Dreams May Come."
A very friendly and curious Sea Lion approaches me near the surface while diving in the Coronado Islands.
Adorable, playful Sea Lions greet me on a dive in the Coronado Islands
"Ebony dreams". I met this curious and sweet Lemon shark on an unforgettable night dive at the Sugar Wreck in the Bahamas.
"Entourage". Jacks, Remoras and an undercover Lemon shark escort this beautiful Tiger shark to the alluring scent of fresh chum. Tiger Beach, the Bahamas December 2014.
A beautiful Leopard Nudibranch (Diaulula sandiegensis) searching for a Haliclona sea sponge (purple encrusting sponge) to feed on. I found this beauty on a pristine reef while diving in Puerto Galera, Philippines.
"The Epiphany"
While freediving in the Bahamas, we came across a playful pod of Bottlenose and Spotted Dolphins…I was lucky enough to swim with this beauty for a little while, before she went back to her pod. A wonderful encounter!
"Elegant Predator"
Emma Tiger shark (Galeocerdo curvier) gracefully swims by to have her photo taken. This lady of the Sea loves attention!
"The Pod"…While freediving in the Bahamas, I was lucky enough to catch up to these beautiful Bottlenose and Atlantic Spotted Dolphins, swimming so playfully and free!
"Max"…Max is the friendliest Black Grouper I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He loved his chin to be scratched, and was always around begging for attention and petting from divers! Such a lovable big guy. This was taken in the Bahamas.
"Queen of the Sun". Capturing a beautiful interaction with a very large female Tiger shark in the Bahamas.
"The Following"
Trying to keep up with this Manta Ray while freediving in Mexico.
"Mystical Forrest"
Chase Reef, Breakwater Cove in Monterey Bay, California.
"The Train"
I saw that this beautiful Whale shark had a bite out of it's pectoral fin, and I
had to capture the shot!
This shot was taken while freediving in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
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Editor's Comment
Whale Shark smiling, love it.
I shot this photo while freediving in Isla Mujeres. Whale Sharks are such gentle and majestic giants. I was very honored, as well as humbled to meet a few eye to eye on this recent trip!
21 Entries Found