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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Antonio Venturelli

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La Formica dive site_2021
(Canon 60mm,t1/200,f/25,iso200)
Cratena nudibranch_2021
An August afternoon diving at "La Formica " , a great dive site near Casteldaccia, Sicily. The particular light brings out the beauty of this Cratena nudi.
(Canon 60mm,t1/200,f/25,iso200)
Loads of color..really close to this Flabellina in the sea of Scilla_Italy_2021
(Canon 60mm,t1/200,f/22,iso400)
Purple Flabellina close up_Scilla_2021
A tip to see it up close: breathe slowly and admire it with respect_Mediterranean moray_2021
(Canon 60mm,t1/125,f/7.1,iso200)
Cratena nudibranch_2021
Trypterigion Tripteronotus_2021
A mediterranean moray opens its mouth wide to breathe and shows its pointed teeth_2021
(Canon 60mm,t1/160,f/6.3,iso200)
Flabellina's beauty in Scilla_Italy_2021
Cerianthus membranaceus_Scilla_2021
Dardanus Arrosor_Scilla_2021
(Canon 60mm,t/200,f/20,,iso200)
Flabellina Affinis _La Montagna di Scilla_2021
3rd place Monthly HotShots shortlistedShortlisted!
It looks like Mars, instead it is Earth. Shot taken in Mayan Blue, one of the many submerged caves scattered along the Mayan Riviera_ 2021
(Canon 14mm,t1/50,f/6.3,iso800)
cave diving in cenote Zacil Ha_Tulum_ 2021
(Canon 14mm,t1/40,f5.6,iso640)
plunge in the unique cave of Zacil Ha_2021
Room of Tears_Zacil Ha,Tulum_2021
Room of Tears_Zacil-Ha_Tulum_2021
Nai Tucha_Tulum_2021
(Canon 14mm, t1/40,f/5.6,iso640)
an amazing passage in the cave
Nohoch Nah Chich_Tulum,Mexico_2021
(Canon 14mm,t1/50,f/5.6,iso640)
cave diving at Nohoch Nah Chich,
(Canon 14mm,t1/50,f/5.6,iso640)
Cratena nudi
(Canon macro60mm,1/200,f/20,iso400)
Cratena nudibranch
(Canon macro 60mm,1/200,f/20,iso400)
Flabellina violet nudibranch
(Canon macro60mm,1/200,f/20,iso400)
Cerianthus Membranaceus
(Canon zoom 10-22@20,1/125,f/9,iso400)
orange nudibranch Cratena peregrina shotted in the Mediterranean sea
(Canon macro 60mm,1/200,f/20,iso400)
Gorgonian soft coral shotted in Scilla-Calabria-Italy
(Canon zoom 10-22mm@16,1/160,f/9,iso400)
196 Entries Found: Page 2  of  8