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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Atlantic

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Coastal view East coast Commonwealth of Dominica
Incoming predators on the prowl.
Blue shark off Azores
Blue shark off Faial, Azores. 100 nautical miles away from the Azores these beautiful animals are hunted merciless by Spanish and Portuguese longliners to fuel the shark fin trade in Asia and to give us our cheap fish and chips.
Blue shark, Faial, Azores
Blue shark off Faial, Azores.
Blue shark off Faial, Azores.
Should have brought the fisheye ;-)Blue shark off Faial, Azores.
Blue shark off Faial, Azores.
Blue shark off Faial, Azores. Such wonderful animals that are fished, without any quota, to extinction in the Atlantic . Manly by Spanish and Portuguese longliners. Sign up with shark project for their citizen initiative if you are an EU citizen!
Surf's up at Myrtle Beach
Another shot from Tenerife
Diver in Urseling Cave / São Jorge / Azores
Lighthouse in Faial / Azores
Manta Rays at the Azores
Stonefisch, Azores, Faial
Blueshark at the Azores
In the movie ‘Jaws’, the character Quint says, “The thing about a shark - it's got lifeless eyes, black eyes like a doll's eyes.” I don’t think so. This magnificent shark’s eyes look very alive, focused, and interested. Beautiful creatures!
The underwater museum of art in Cancun, better known as MUSA, is one of the most outstanding attractions in the city and both visitors to Cancun and the Riviera Maya (nearby cities to Cancun) visit this place every day, where you can meet doing snork
An early evening with a few Tiger Sharks is a great date! Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Nosing around with Lemon Sharks at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Spotted Dolphins enjoy some early morning playtime over the white sand of Bimini Bahamas
Hammer Time at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Sharks and more sharks arrive with our presence at Tiger Beach - Bahamas
Diving off West Palm Beach always provides a special site! This school of Atlantic Spadefish at the end of a dive. Breakers Reef
Big Momma Bull Jupiter, Fl.
Nikon D850 8-15 lens @ 15
Great Hammerhead up close and personal in Bimini shot with my Canon6D and Ikelite Housing
1126 Entries Found: Page 2  of  42

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