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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Mozambique Channel

505 Entries Found: Page 7  of  19
Bubble coral shrimp is unique to bubble coral and does not occur elsewhere
~ Feeling Connected ~
~ Papadom ~
~ Hatching ~
Anemone hermit crabs have a special relationship with a specific anemone: they find them and persuade them to set up house on their shells, where the anemones protect the hermit with their stinging cells, the hermit provides them with a mobile home.
~ The Godfather ~
~ Cascading ~
Into the deep blue caves of Situ island
Ascending near Situ island
This harlequin crab has established itself inside the felt-like tube of a burrowing anemone. It gives it the protection of the anemone's stinging tentacles.
Surface interval at Zavora Beach in Mozambique
My home high up in a mast
~ Electrified ~
I have wings, if I could only fly
From the dark into the light
~ Waterfall ~
~ Follow the Light ~
~ In the Thick of Things ~
~ Myst ~
~ Gold Dust ~
~ Boxed In ~
This photo illustrates the three dimensional cage the sharks formed around the school of fish. The large number of sharks and boxing the fish in like that made escape impossible.
~ Bird's Eye View ~
~ Unexpected Moment ~
~ Hang On ~
505 Entries Found: Page 7  of  19

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