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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Sargasso Sea

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Let's do lunch. Two beautiful hunters on the prowl.
Runner Up Monthly HotShots
Underbelly of the beast. Magnificent animal.
Portrait of a yellow tail snapper, a common but beautiful fish.
Fish for dinner again? The shark feeders had just opened the bait box, and all the sharks in the area except this one rushed in to see what was on the menu.
Dinnertime! Hungry Caribbean reef sharks gathering for a meal.
Portrait of a private sargeant.
Beauty in motion. Elegant shark circling the bow of a shipwreck.
WHAT did you just say to me??!!
Confrontation with an indignant Bahamian shark captured on camera.
Two hunters on the prowl, up close and personal.
Predators! Two hungry sharks circling the bait box. Wonderful to be so close to such beautiful creatures.
Dancin octopus II
Hairy Mama!!
I think that's Mr. Abernethy in the background - getting ready to holler at me again. :-)
Hermit crab on a night dive at Wakatobi House reef , taken with Conon S70 and CloseUp lens , Inon Z240
My son "Wolfi" freediving in Sargasso seaweed
Crinoid close up. Nikonos V 1:5 close up extension.
The prop shaft on the wreck of the Kate, a steamer that sunk in 1878.
Shark bite
Lobster poking head out to check out my dome. Rather friendly, I think he knew I'm a vegetarian.
Nikon D70 with Strobes.
Caribbean Reef Shark with a few horse eye jacks. Nikon D70 with Strobe
Cute little fairy basslet!
Needs no explanation! Nikon D70.
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2007

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editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Well done James, it's rare that we see people's expressions underwater.
Filefish taken with Nikon D70 and 60mm lens at James Bond Wrecks, Nassau, Bahamas.
Baby nurse shark hiding in cave. Nikon D70. Had fun fitting camera into cave!
Deep Water Soloing on Atlantis
Hermit Crab colony
Sharp Tailed Eel in John Smith's Bay, Bermuda.
62 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3

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