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Underwater Photo Contest Entries From The Tyrrhenian Sea

2521 Entries Found: Page 91  of  94
orange wall
Murena Helena - Portrait
The observer
Fishs - Serranus scriba
bank of dorades swimming free in Ustica Island
Fishs - Mullus surmuletus
Massive Grouper in Ustica, Sicily, around 25m
Diver getting into a canion in Ustica, Sicily, Italy
monster from the abyss
white star
Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Well thought out Claudio
One splendid cove near the beacon of Spalmatore tip in the island of Ustica.
Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging
Underwater atmosphere in Sardinia.
Fishs - Gobius bucchichi
This colorful copy of "Thalassoma pavo" livery women, is widespread throughout the Mediterranean. Difficult to photograph for its fast and unpredictable movements.
This tiny copy of "Tylodina perverse" photographed in the depths of southern Sardinia was great about 7 mm.
Shown for the color yellow has embellished the composition with sponges.
Beautyfull gorgonia (Paramuricea) with two colors, yellow and red.
Typical Mediterranean environment with sponges, algae and echinoderms.
The town is Scilla close the Strait of Messina.
Canon EOS and 15mm fisheye.
Night dive
This fish Trombetta was photographed at night in the Strait of Messina. These fish inhabit the deep sea beyond -100 but strong currents raise large masses of water to the surface carrying the fish that can be admired in a few meters of water.
Astroides calycularis, very beautyfull
Photographed against this exemplary nudibranchia (Flabellina affinis) was incorporated in the splendid depth of southern Sardinia.
Canon Eos + Sigma 105 macros.
Great mimetism of Blennide fish: Bavosa
Beautyfull Parazoantus axinellae
The Elviscott was a small Greek merchant ship carrying a cargo of wood, that sank South of Pomonte (South-western coast of Elba) in consequence of adverse weather cnditions during 1972.
2521 Entries Found: Page 91  of  94

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