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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Martin Spragg

84 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4
Whaleshark and diver in action
Take Off!
A brown pelican in motion
A bottle nosed dolphin at Galdden Spit in Belize
Tongue Love
Tongue Love
Three bottlenosed doplhins-stylized version.
Hawksbill turtle on the wall at South Water Cay Belize
Scorpion fish in profile.
A tube sponge on the wall of The South Water Cay Marine Reserve, Belize
Dolphin feeding in a school of jacks. Belize Barrier Reef
A festive canonball jellyfish
The tope of a 3 mouthed yellow tube sponge, The South Water Cay Marine Reserve, Belize Barrier Reef
Canonball jelly fish on The Belize Barrier Reef.
Two flamingo tongues browsing a soft coral.
Squat anenome shrimp in it's home
Another Piedersen's cleaner shrimp in a nice orange anemone
Piedersen's cleaner shrimp in a coralimorph, South Water Cay Marine Reserve, Belize
Spotted moray poking it's head out.
Close in on a scorpion fish, taken in The South Water Cay Marine Reserve in Belize.
Our resident marina croc. The water is a orange brown tanin and after several attempts with PS I decided B&W was best.
A spotted cleaner shrimp nestled in anemone.
A boring tube in brain coral.
The resident croc at our local marina.
Sunset from the south beach of South Water Cay.
Whilst modifying a photo album I came across this whaleshark shot that I had previously overlooked. It's from this spring's snapper aggregation at Gladden Spit, Belize.
Moon jelly against sunburst. The South Water Cay Marine Reserve.
Only 100 days to christmas!
84 Entries Found: Page 1  of  4