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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Laurence Hegarty

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soleni, shot with my point and shoot digital camera. baa atol, maldives.
southern ray, treasure beach, utila.
it took alot of shots with a point and shoot to finally get a good one .
utila , bay islands , honduras .
off our bow as we search for bonito and hopefully the whale sharks that often accompany them. utila.
one of about half a dozen encounters we had snorkeling one morning. utila. sea & sea 5000dx.
just sitting on the bottom shooting up as this guy flew over. the pass, manihi.
rangiroa atoll.
the morning commute, ambergis cay , belize.
row boats used by guests at hotelito desconcito
beautiful morning light , taken after rowing across an estuary to get to the ocean. north of manzanillo(?) mexico.
this is what diving is all about. sea & sea 5000 digital . manihi.
dog attacks shark !
sea & sea 5000 digital with single strobe.
silky sharks. in the blue outside of taputa pass, these guys start honing in as soon as you hit the water.
snorkeling, sea & sea 5000 digital camera, utila.
taken in utila with a sea & sea 5000.
getting ready for the first dive of the day , another beautiful sunrise on the cayes , belize.
loosing a fin to curious silkys, rangiroa atoll
glovers atoll, belize. sea & sea 5000 digital
glovers atoll, belize, may 2005. on my first night dive this guy gave me quite a jump when he swam through the beam of my flashlight. sea & sea 5000
utila april 2005. sea & sea 5000, this guy was so cool i don't think i'll ever eat calamari again
manihi atoll, the pass.
this guy took our breath away , the first time we ever saw a manta up close. sea & sea 5000
after two days of trying to see enough of this guy hiding under a ledge to get a shot, i finally squeezed my camera & strobe thru a hole in the coral & shot blind hoping he was in frame (& didn't sting me )
first dive with an underwater camera . barracuda , rangiroa atoll . sea & sea 5000
manihi lagoon. i spooked this guy by approaching him from behind, so he did a 360' around me before
" flying " off . sea & sea 5000.
taken with a sea & sea 5000 digital in a sea & sea housibg
taken right under our moored boat on a shallow reef dive outside the pass in manihi
28 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2