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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Michael Schlenk

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Recent visit to the Kittiwake
This is what you get when you begin a dive with your best super macro lens and you are then visited by an inquisitive napolean wrasse on your safety stop.
Hawks Bill sea turtle getting friendly with its reflection on my wide angle port. I actually had to swim away from him in order to get a good focus.
A different perspective on a familiar subject.
My 4 yo daughter insisted on this entry...she calls it "a kissie fish"
Pederson Shrimp hanging out!
How many sharks can you fit into a single frame?
A blennie hanging out in his hole.
A recent dive on the USS Kittiwake...natural light photo
Dove the Caribsea this weekend. Had this nice sand tiger swim overhead and was lucky enough to get a photo. I'm reminded of the poster for Jaws.
Tiger Grouper hanging out on a cleaning station in Grand Cayman.
Spotted moray...a dentist's dream
Stingray City is always a great place to get some nice photos. This day was no exception.
Looking at the eyes of the demon! And what pretty eyebrows she has! Hermit crab on the reef at Boynton Beach Florida.
Take me to your leader! Alien looking blenny venturing out of his hole. Wreck of the "City of Richmond" off S. Carolina coast.
Another big smile for the camera
On the wreck of the Suloide off N. Carolina coast. Terrible visability this day. This fellow came up on me out of nowhere and gave me his best smile. Made the dive well worth it.
Blenny portrait off the coast of S. Carolina on the wreck of "The City of Richmond"
"Smooch....Will you be my Valentine?" He asks, as he plants a wet one on her cheek. She blushes and smiles her approval. be young and in love again!
Macro view of a featherduster photoshop converted to B & W with a "infrared effect" filter applied.
Pederson Cleaner Shrimp off Boynton Beach Florida.
Glassy Sweepers guarding the way out of a swim-through at French Reef off Key Largo Florida
"Shooting fish in a barrell" – Literally! Cheater shot taken at the Georgia Aquarium. I was feeling real proud right up to the point where I noticed the reflection of my fingers on the image. Oh, well!
"This is how it begins" -- A weekend trip to the Georgia Aquarium provides the perfect opportunity to introduce our daughter to the wondrous beauty the exists beneath the surface of the ocean.
Another stingray close encounter photo on the "Sea Emperor" off S. Florida coast.
"Objects in mirror are closer then they appear"
Stingray encounter on the "Sea Emperior" off S. Florida coast.
57 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3