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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Rand Mcmeins

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Cormorant swims among the fishes.
Shrimp doing his crunches
Swimming snail also known as a Pteropod. A pelagic gastropod mollusk. First time I've seen these in Port Hardy.
Ponhoi Seahorse. Fiji
Cormorant hunting baitfish in the Sea of Cortez. Mexico
Decorated Warbonnet. Port Hardy Canada. Finally able to get a head-on shot of this normally shy critter.
Sea of Cortez. The little pups at Los Islotes are a real kick to watch and photograph
This moon jelly was about the size of a dinner plate. I just held the housing out in front and took a snap.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Thanks for sharing an interesting (and unique) technique for shooting jellies with us Rand!
Decorated Warbonett. Port Hardy, B.C. Canada
Old Bull Sealion
Diving Los Islotes in the Sea of Cortez. I wanted to try and get a portrait of a Sealion pup. They dart around so much it's pretty hard to get them to pose...
Mating Hamlets
Spanish Shawl laying eggs. Look closely and you can see a clear sac around them.
Free Ride!
A small crab hitches a ride on a Red eye Medusa Jellyfish. Port Hardy, B.C. Canada
Tiny shrimp on coral. Pretty much have to zoom this one to see details. D2x, 105mm, 2xtc
Cardinal fish with a eggs in it's mouth. Ningaloo Reef, Australia.
D2x 105mm
Nembrotha kubaryana. Just something about this pose that caught my eye.
D2x. 105mm
The day before the big Hurrincane in '04
D70 10.5mm
Cocos/Keeling Island off the west coast of Australia. Blacktip shark. Nikon D2x, 10.5 FE
Escargot and Shrimp...Ok, I confess, I didn't see the Skeleton Shrimp until the shot was loaded on the laptop. D2x, 60mm, Woody's Diopter
"If I had wings". Guess you don't need them if you have flippers!
Sea of Cortez. Dive site: Los Islotes.
D2x 10.5mm Magic filter
Contrails! This Marble Ray flapped his wings at just the right instant for me to capture the bubbles churning in it's wake.
D2x. 15mm Dual strobes
Ningaloo reef in Australia is alive with cleaning stations. A Parrotfish gets toothy. D2x 105mm.
Angelfish has it's eye shadow touched up...;-)
D2x 105mm

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
Dramatic cleaning behavior that probably required patience and a tele lens to get Rand
Sealion chases baitfish. Sea of Cortez.
D2x, 10.5mm with Magic filter
Blennie in the snow. Hard to get good detail on this dark fish. Upping the strobe power blew out the white sand background. D2x. 105mm Woody's diopter
Shot with a 105mm but, I'm calling it W/A as the look of it is more wideangle. (so sue me ;-))
134 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5