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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Mark Hoevenaars

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Green Sea Turtle
A manta ray glides by in the dark waters off the coast of Kona.
A tiny pelagic shrimp (not sure of species) struggles through the viscous water 3 miles off the coast of Kona during a blackwater night dive.
Juvenile Box Fish on blackwater dive in 6,000 feet of water off the coast of Kona, Hawai'i.
Fisher's Seahorse - hippocampus fisheri
Rare, elusive, pelagic, nocturnal seahorse endemic to Hawai'i, found in 1,000-6,000 feet of water.
Taken on blackwater dive off the coast of Kona, HI in 6,000 feet of water.
Blackwater dive off Kona, HI in 6,000 feet of water. Unknown species. Please message me if you know what this is, but it appears to be some type of juvenile box fish.
Sea Butterfly, taken 3 miles off the coast of Kona, in 6,000 feet of water.
Larval Crab - Blackwater Dive off Kona, Hawai'i
Shrimp at Night.
Squid Patrol
Yawning Frog Fish
Tarpon hunting bait ball. Nikon D90 in Aquatica housing, YS-250 and YS-110a strobes. f/9 @ 1/125.
Carl's Hill - Klein Bonaire
Salt Pier - Bonaire - Reef Squid during a night dive.
Arrowcrab in a sponge, lit by both strobes positioned on the outside of the sponge to create the glowing effect.
Seahorse and Diver. Carl's Hill, Bonaire. Nikon D90 w/ Tokina 10-17mm, YS-250 and YS-110alpha strobes.
Trunkfish Eye
Lettuce Sea Slug. Nikon D90, Sea & Sea YS-250 and YS-110alpha, 60mm.
Pink Anemonefish
Friendly Bottlenose Dolphin.
Baby octopus in a trash can. Blue Heron Bridge, Jupiter, Florida.
Wire Coral Goby
A couple of Palette Surgeonfish, or as I like to call them: Dory's... (from Finding Nemo)
Longnose Filefish
Krempf's Phyillidiopsis
68 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3