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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Luigi Carta

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Tiger Shark in the sea of Maldives
Canon EOS-1 Ds III in Seacam housing
Merry Christmas... with those Xmas trees on this universe of small stars.
Canon EOS-1 Ds MkIII, EF100mm/2.8 Macro, Seacam Housing, Seaflash (2).
Two eyes from the sand: a blue spotted ray.
Emperor angel fish: a close look.
Don't touch the corals... I have to feed! Ras Mohammed, Canon eos 1n + 16-35mm in Seacam housing.
I'm watching you... Marsa Alam, Canon eos 1n + 100mm macro in Seacam housing.
BATFIIIISSSHHHH... Marsa Alam, canon eos1n + 100mm macro in Seacam housing
The Million Hope wreck. Dive starts at -2m and goes down... Canon eos 1n + 16-35mm
Psssst... come here... Funny porcupine in Marsa Alam. Canon eos 1n+100mm macro in Seacam housing
Another clown fish!!!! Well they are so cute... Sharm El Sheikh, Canon eos 1n+100mm macro in Seacam housing.
Sharm El Sheikh, strait of Tiran. 100mm macro.
Marsa Alam, a close look to this "masked" fish...
Hi, it's me again... difficult to dive and not shooting at least one picture of those friendly clowns. Marsa Alam, Canon eos1n + 100mm macro.
Big Napoleon at Ras Mohammed, Sharm El Sheikh. Canon eos 1n + 16-35mm
What is all this garbage??? Sharm El Shaikh, Canon eos 1n + 16-35mm
Sharm El Sheikh, the crocodile fish eye. Canon eos1 + 100mm macro.
Sharm El Sheikh, this soldier fish was proud enough to approach. Canon eos 1n + 100 mm macro in Seacam housing.
Definitely marine life related... Barcelona, La Boqueria. Canon eos 1n + 24mm. One of the biggest fish market I've ever seen
Ponta de Ouro, one of the many schools you meet diving... Nikonos V, 35 mm, SB105
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Small grouper portrait.
Kalinka and the wreck. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Canon eos 1n + 16-35 in Seacam housing.
When we got at Yolanda reef, my buddy could not help posing for THE picture... but he didn't touch anything... Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Canon eos 1n + 16-35mm.
Barboon, as they are called in Egypt. They look as they were flying instead of swimming... Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.
Predator... Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. This Lion fish seems to be waiting for something to attack... Canon eos1n + 100mm macro
Mido, my friend Magdy's son, snorkeler today and tomorrow diver... Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Suis-je belle? Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. This fish really acts as a model... Canon eos 1n + 100mm macro in Seacam housing + strobe
Yes, I'm a stone fish... what's your excuse? Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. 100mm macro.
34 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2