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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Dejan Mavric

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Another seahorse. Taken in april, presented at VODAN. Olympus SP350, internal strobe, lens +4, 1/250s, f/7.1, ISO200
Fireworm taken at Korcula island at cca 25m. Resting on a gorgonian where it feeds. Olympus SP350 in macro mode, no strobe at all, manual setting ISO200, 1/50s, f/4.5

Final RoundThrough to 2008 awards final round judging

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Editor's Comment
Perch from lake Bled.
Olympus SP-350, manual 1/125s, f/5, ISO100, internal strobe.
Soft balls under hard coral. And a nemo, which I haven't posted yet. 1/250s, f/3.2, ISO100
Lion fish portrait using internal strobe. Night dive. 1/125s, f/4, ISO100
Dendrodoris limbata portrait from Sistiana. Mediteranean endemic species.
Feather star (antedon mediterranea) on a sponge. Using a colur filter, manual settings and internal strobe at cca 30m depth. No software manipulation at all.
Lightness of Being, jellyfish in mid water, Sistiana, 1/500s, f/5,6
Catfish portrait from lake Bled
Lion's flags. Night dive at Satayah east. f/4, 1/100s, ISO100, Olympus SP-350, internal strobe
Close up of a blue spotted ray's sting. Not lethal, but still a very painfull weapon. 1/160s, f/4.5
Early morning dive at Small Gotaa of St.John. Olympus SP-350, 1/50s, F/4, filter
Cuttle fish waiting a catch. Fiesa. ISO100, f/2.8, 1/125s
Parrot fish profile. Night dive at Shaab Fandira.
Three sea hares (Aplysia punctata) mating at Fiesa artificial reef. Olympus SP-350, ISO 100, 1/125s, f/4
Sea horse, hippocampus on a sponge taken in Fiesa. Olympus SP-350, 1/125s, f/5.6
Red-mouthed goby, Fiesa. Olympus SP-350, ISO100, 1/250, f/6.3, colour filter, macro lens, internal strobe
LOVE IS IN THE AI....ERR WATER. This male gray wrasse (Symphodus cinereus) got his vivid brown coloration with blue marks on his face and started gathering shells, weed, etc to build a nest on the bottom. Olympus SP-350
Swimming sea horse, just lifted from a murky seabed. Taken last saturday at Sistiana near Trieste. 9degreesC, 1/500s, f/7.1, ISO200, Olympus SP-350, strobe
Shrimp cleaning ray's "ears" so he'll hear better :-) Night dive at Abu Galawa. Olympus SP-350, ISO 200, 1/30s, f/4, strobe.
Shy guy laying on the bottom, Sistiana, Trieste bay. Olympus SP-350, ambient light only, macro mode, ISO 100, 1/200s, f/2.8
Blue spotted ray at Abu Galawa taken with SP-350 at ISO 100, f/3.2, 1/125s, manual WB, filter
Port Hamata 3rd March. We just dissembarked after a week liveaboard on Fury shoal and St.John's reefs.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
i hope that's not the liveaboard you were on Dejan!
Scorpionfish portrait during a night dive. She cought and ate several small fish swimming by, but I couldnt manage to catch the moment... Olympus SP-350 has some shutter lag. 1/80 s, f/4.5, ISO 200
Female threefin blenny caught in June when sexual dimorphism is most evident. 1/100 s, f/6.3, ISO 200, super macro mode on Olympus SP-350, no flash
Those lobsters... favourite subject to shot but very difficult to get dark and blurred background, specially using internal strobe only. This one is somehow better, but I'll keep on trying.
school of Sarpa salpa from the Adriatic. Olympus SP-350, f/5, 1/125
42 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2