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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Jennifer Temple

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Filefish. Roatan, Honduras. Canon S90
Secretary Blenny Portrait. Roatan, Honduras. Canon S90
Another shrimp shot. Roatan, Honduras. Canon S90
Shrimp in Anemone. Yes, a bit of a crop, as my 2nd Macro lens dropped 200 feet down the wall.... Canon S90 (and only 1 x Inon Macro Lens)
Lettuce Leaf Slug. I rarely get to shoot them at this angle, they are usually too obscured in all the rubble. Canon S90, 1 x Inon 67mm macro.
Seahorse. Roatan. Fuji F810.
Queen Angel. Roatan, on a dawn dive in crappy vis. Fuji F810
Bluehead wrasse. Roatan. Fuji F810.
CTW. Roatan. F810
Grouper portrait. Roatan. Fuji F810.
Octopus on the Prince Albert, night dive. Roatan. Fuji F810.
Black grouper. Roatan. Fuji F810
Arrow Crab. Night dive on the Prince Albert, Roatan. Fuji F810.

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
We usually see photographers handling these guys - temptation well resisted for a nice study Jennifer
"You can't see me!" Roatan. Fuji F810

editor's comments

Editor's Comment
It's a nice 'need a second look to get it' shot with a diagonal treatment to keep it interesting
Tunicates. Roatan. Fuji F810
Atlantic Spadefish School, Roatan. Fuji F810.
Flamingo Tongue, Roatan. Fuji F810
Seahorse. Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810
Flamingo Tongue. Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, YS-90DX.
"Cara a Cara" Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810
CoCo View Divemaster extraordinaire (and voyeur) Jimmy, watching the fornicating nudis. Roatan. Fuji F810, ambient light (and crappy vis!).
Roatan feathers. Fuji F810.
Roatan grouper. Fuji F810, YS-90DX.
Brittlestar. Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, YS-90DX.
"Cara a Cara", Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, ambient light.
Banded Coral Shrimp in Azure Sponge. Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, S&S YS-90DX.
Another look at The Mr. Bud. Roatan, Bay Islands. Fuji F810, Inon WA, ambient light.
30 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2