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by Jose Maria Abad Ortega

Peacock Mantis Shrimp Odontodactylus scyllarus

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by Raffaele Livornese

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Len Nuttall

19 Entries Found
Wolf Eel..My sea andn sea DGX-1 was crapping out.. Took a lot of photos but most of them look good only in black and white...Time to upgrade...
Cenote dive. DX-G1 with sea and sea strobe...
taken with a DX-G1 sea and sea with single strobe YS-110a.
nubribranch found in Edmonds Marine Park. taken with a sea n sea DX-G1 with single strobe YS-110a.
picture of a cabezon in the Edmonds Marine Park.
not sure what they are but lots of them in one place...F8/250 YS110A
Cortez Round Stingray.. F8/200 ISO 200 one YS100A strobe.
Sea and Sea DX-G1 with one YS 110A Strobe...F8/200 ISO 200.
Jelly fish heading for the sun...
Taken with Sea&Sea DX-G1 with 110A Strobes. F8/250 ISO 200.
F5.6 1/250 ttl sea and sea G1 with 1 110a strobe
Brooding anemone. DX-1G YS-110A strobe. F9-125 iso 100
Hilma Hooker in Bonaire. DX-G1 with natural light.
not award winning but a reminder of color in the dark, cold waters of the pacific. Taken at night with a DX-1G with YS 110A strobe. F8@125 ISO 100
Sharptail Eel.. Didnt want his picture taken...took several shots of blurring eel before I finally got this. D1GX Sea and Sea
Wreck Helma Hooker. Used only ambient light.
Octupus at Rebbeca Rock, Powell River BC CANADA.
Hey! What are you looking at. Scorpion fish, I believe
Taken with DG-1X with YS-110 strobe at 40 feet.
God must be close. Truk Lagoon. Mast of the Fujikawa Maru
Giant French Angel. Sea and Sea 1G with YS strobe
19 Entries Found