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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Stefan Heer

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Fish Globe - I took the photo in Spain (Illes Medes). It is a wonderful dive spot near the french border.
Happy Halloween! :-) By a dive in the lake of Zürich! Was very funny! :-) Nikon D90
Marmorera - The rever Julia which flows into the lake of marmorera in the swiss alps. many trout swam against the the current. Nikon D90 and UK-Germany Housing
A little mountain lake! Clear 8° water an a huge trout. Nikon D90 and UK-Germany Housing
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Little mountain lake in Germany. It was a magic dive! The wonderful colors and the light which shines through the forest made me feel very happy!
Cam: Nikon D90 and Uk-Germany housing (natural light)
In little mountain lake I've found a little paradise with huge trouts. The cristal clear water and the sun which shines through the forest makes every dive to a miracle!
Cam: Nikon D90 + UK-Germany housing
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Neon-Fluo-Shot with UV-Light. Nikon D90 and UK-Germany housing and Keldan Luna 8 CRI with UV-Modul
Lake of Zürich in Switzerland. Nikon D90 + Uk-Germany + 110 Sea&Sea Strobe
Space Jellys! Jellyfish from the Jellyfish Lake in Palau!
Nikon D90 + Uk-Germany
The sickbay in a Japanese wreck from the World War II in Truk Lagoon.
Nikon D90 and UK-Germany
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Manta with a lot of fish! Palau German Channel - Nikon D90 and UK-Germany housing..
Truk Lagoon
Nikon D90 and UK-Germany Housing
Lac Souterrain in Wallis (Switzerland)
It is the biggest underground lake in Europe.
Nikon D90 and Uk-Germany Housing
Virgin Blue Hole Palau - Nikon D90 and Uk-Germany Housing
I hope it is in the right Category.. Nemos swimming normaly! :-)
With a Nikon D90 and UK-Germany Housing.
Nikon D90 with UK-Germany Housing
Jellyfish in the sunlight in the jellyfish lake in Palau
Scorpionfish in the philippines 2011! nikon D90 with UK-Germany housing!
Skull in a wreck in Truk Lagoon! RIP Cam: Nikon D90 Housing: UK Germany
Cam: Nikon; Housing: Uk-Germany; 2 Mantas dancing in front of the sun; German Channel - Palau
Yes it is not Palau! But Truk Lagoon (Chuuk State FSM) is not on available! :-) It is a wreck from the II World War. Cam: Nikon D90 Housing: UK Germany Flash: Sea&Sea 110 More: click here
Ice Diving in the mountains of Switzerland. Diver with sunlight which comes through the ice hole. Cam: Sea&Sea DX 1G
Would you try to ascend??? Nice Longimanus is playing with my buoy! Sea&Sea DX 1G
Over/Under Helengeli Maldives with my Sea&Sea DX 1G
Nice moray is opening its mouth! Was careful with my fingers! :-) I took this photo with my Sea&Sea DX 1G.
Ice Diver with the safety mark in the background. I took the Photo with my Sea&Sea DX1G in Austria during a nice dive.
Lediwrack 28.02.2010
Old wreck in the lake of Walensee in Switzerland (35m). I used the Sea&Sea 1G with two extern flashs. I put a torch in the inside of the wreck, looks like some one is in there! :-)
Safety Stop?
Red Sea Juni 2009 / Brother Island/ Longimanus/
Cam: Sea&Sea DX-1G
33 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2