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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Paz Maria De Vera-Santos

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Lighting of the blue spotted stingray was difficult and limited to the foreground since it was hiding in a crevice.
Nudi on Anthurium
Darilaot Wreck
Beautiful Anilao...
chromodoris coi
Coral Grouper @ the German Channel
Underwater pyramid at the German Channel
Barracudas at the Blue Corner
Glass Gobies at the German Channel
Another profile pic of a frogfish
Juvenile Filefish trying to blend in with the soft coral
One of the four Giant Frogfish I spotted in one dive.
Basket sponge amidst the soft corals
This spiny devilfish was well camouflaged until it moved. Upon closer inspection there were two of them, the other one was smaller and it had a different color. The smaller one was following the bigger one every time it moved.
Our speedboat being towed on our way to Apo Reef, Mindoro
Saw the Kentrodoris rubescens nudibranch while doing my safety stop near the Cathedral buoy.
Yawning Lionfish
Saw this curious pink anemone fish during a night dive in Dauin, Dumaguete.
A tiny goby perched on a black tube coral.
Ambon Scorpionfish
Colorful whip corals swaying with the current
Ornate Ghost Pipefish trying hard to camouflage itself near a sea grass
A variegated lizardfish saying "cheese"
Latticed Sandperch looking at the action below him
Chromodoris Coi Gills
I saw this octopus leave his comfy "house", grab a crab, swim back to his bottle and eat his breakfast.
My buddy Alberto under the Darilaot Wreck.
39 Entries Found: Page 1  of  2