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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Sinan Oztan

15 Entries Found
Cleaning time or riding a morray eel smile
Actually that seagull supposed to wait me on the rock but it decided to fly away. If you consider this photo taken by my compact Sony TX7 camera with that tiny lens, process speed of compact camera, waves, cosmos helped me to take this photo =)
Tree of life ... (Underwater which I love most) Hopefully surface was quite still so that I was able to take this photo by my compact Sony camera (TX7)
Anemone fish in its anemone.
I've never seen this nudi before. It was on a wall of a cave
Landlord of soft coral
After a night dive, we came across this squid at the surface... I recorded some videos of this colorful creature and this photo.. Squid and its reflection at the surface =)
Reflection of a white tube worm on a coral at Wasrer Reef, Raja Ampat
I love everything in blue =)
Cute couple
A shot from the passage at Raja Ampat
Under the jetty. Raja Ampat Kri Eco Resort
This shot was taken on an island at Raja Ampat while we dropped for surface time...
I came across this nudi when I was snorkelling at Kabatepe, Gallipoli peninsula... It was quite tough taking the photo, for it was full of anemones at 40 cm dept water and I had only my shorts on =)
15 Entries Found