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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By David Crutchley

17 Entries Found
At home in the Anemone
A Coralimorph found drifting along the substrate at 25m, only one i have ever seen drifting.
This Moray became very curious and just got closer !
A cheeky clownfish watching me whilst i watching him
A beautiful Christmas Tree Worm found on the coral
A dazzling featherstar drifting down to its place of rest managed to catch it with the sun directly behind it
the corrallimorph shot from a different angle
this is another shot of the corallimormph deifting in the surge of birdrock wall in the mamanucas fiji , as an underwater photography enthusiast to find a slow moving subject as beautiful as this was like a dream come true.
this collimorph was found drifting in the surge off bird rock wall in the mamanucas Fiji. It was just a beautiful sight to see the diversity our oceans offer.......
found this peacock grouper swimming on the underside of a swimthrough of bird rock wall in the mamamucas fiji
found these 2 common lionfish on the wreck of the salamander using only the cameras flash and no strobe and an upward angle of the camera i managed to get this great pic the camera was the olympus tough 12 meg
How nice to get a pic of the spiney sea urchin during the day.
this shot was taken whilst snorkeling in the yasawas just off manta ray island using the panasonic DMC-FT1
this leopard shark is usually found laying on the bottom during the day,i dropped down nice and slowly to get within 3 feet of her to get this shot the camera i used is a panasonic DMC-FT1 in underwater mode
this estuarine stonefish just looks so happy ,from this angle he looks like he is wearing a bowler hat
This hawkshead was just watching us go by. His expression says it all ,I took this using macro on the panasonic DMC-FT1 .This pic was taken at one of my favourite dive sites called The Outer Barrier int the mamanucas Fiji
this pink anenome clownfish just looked so beautiful against the anenome with its blue tips .the camera used was a panasonic lumix DMC-FT1 12 meg with a 28mm wide angle lens
17 Entries Found