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by Margriet Tilstra

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Glenn Ian Villanueva (2nd place)
Magali Marquez (3rd place)
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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it. See some famous publications about winning photos.

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Joshua Tappert

25 Entries Found
Jelly and the Mangroves
Jellyfish Lake Palau
Blue Holes
Purple Nudi
PNG Coral
BlackJack B17 Bomber wreck. 160' depth
Shot with Magic Filter. And then white balanced post as I could not white balance at that depth b/c of lack of light.
Mantis Shrimp
Hungry Nudi.
Yellow Seahorse
Mating Mandarin 2. This is the second shot as they spiraled upward. Fun photo shoot!
Mating Mandarin Fish.
Old Spanish Anchor
Located at the end of the Canyons, in Puerto Galera, Philippines.
Night time Squid
Moonlit night on the Azores
Anemone Fish in Puerta Galera
Freefallin the wall. Dive Master Paul in Tubbataha. Azores Live-a-board in the background.
Tubbataha Red Sea fan
Orange Clown fish on Green Anemone
Photographer and the Sea turtle
Shot in Tubbataha, Southwestern Philippines.
Sunlight from above. Just ending another great dive in Dumaguete Philippines.
Night time Anemone. Shot with a 60mm. Taken in Sabang Bay, Puerta Galera Philippines.
Shot in Puerta Galera Philippines. One of the many dive sites, although I cant remember which one.. 60 mm lens, D200, Sea and Sea housing. Dual strobes.
The bow of the Alma Jane in Sabang, Puerta Galera Philippines. Shot with my 10.5mm. Depth about 90ft.
Wire Coral shot at Sabang Point in Puerta Galera Philippines
Crinoid crab. Shot in Puerta Galera, Philippines
George and the Sea snake.
25 Entries Found