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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Ben Joubert

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Diver & surrounding reef reflection in a Sea Pearl
Rub-a-dub-dub, three boys on styrofoam... doesn't rhyme, does it? This piece of styrofoam was like gold to these kids. They would wrestle all day to be Captain of M/V Styrofoam. I always wondered if they take turns to take it home to guard it?
WWII Japanese Zero
Mandarin Fish... a true test of your patience...
I saw this guy coming toward me, and I knew he would be gone in a flash when he sees me, so hid behind a coral head and he went right over me... and for those of you wondering... yes... I was holding my breath :P
Longfin Bannerfish, right time, right place. They don't really stick around for pictures.
Black Sheep... I guess even fish families have one frown
This boy was showing us his dead bird, and that combined with the the name of the dug-out and the expression on his face... definitely a Canon moment... since I don't have a Kodak wink
Runner Up - worthy of note but not a medal winner - an equal 4th place if you like! Runner Up 2011

Final RoundThrough to 2011 awards final round judging
Caught this guy chilling on top of this orange sponge. Totally forgot his name... oh yah, now I remember... Fred wink
Diver silhouette
Mantis Shrimp
Squid feeding in the stern lights
Diver seen through a wall of reef fish
This Bubble Shell stood out very well on the black volcanic sand
Arrow Crab
Cirque de Soleil in PNG. Kids in PNG don't have parks with swings & slides to play on, and the stern rope from the boat provides them hours of entertainment.
First dive in the morning, boat tied up above the wreck
Anemone Crab
Shrimp on a whip/rope coral
Curious Grey Angelfish
Didn't think I could get this close, but pushed my luck anyway, and he didn't even move.
Clown Nudi (my name for it), just another one of the many colourful Nudi's
Blenny being curious as always
Locals getting dinner
Colourful Reef
55 Entries Found: Page 1  of  3