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Our UW photo contest is the longest running and most prestigious online. If you want to make a name for yourself this is THE place to do it. See some famous publications about winning photos.

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Underwater Photo Contest Entries By Thomas Bannenberg

125 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5
Diving Raja Ampat
Urocaridella antonbruunii
yellow seahorse
that's all it takes ...
Pulau Bangka
Swimming Pygmy
cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni) in flames
Nembrotha kubaryana
Clownfish Portrait
Candy Crab
It takes two
Leopard Crinoid Shrimp (Laomenes pardus)
glass shrimp
(1x Seacam achromatic lens)
Candy Crab (lat.: Hoplophrys oatesi)
(1x Seacam achromatic lens)
glass shrimp
baby fish
Settings: f11, 1/60, ISO 100, wet diopter (+2 diopt.)
ghost pipefish (Solenostomus paradoxus)
peacock mantis shrimp
I can fly
Clearfin squirrelfish (Neoniphon sammar)
Sulphur damsel (Pomacentrus sulfureus)
Hunting mode
Cherchez la femme
Maroon clownfish (Premnas biaculeatus)
Red Sox
Red Sea Nice Guy
Come Fly With Me ...
125 Entries Found: Page 1  of  5